Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly News (Second Week of March 2012)

1. Pope: Confession a Key Part of Evangelization

Reminds Priests to Also Seek Out the Sacrament

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 9, 2012 ( Benedict XVI today received 1,300 priests and deacons who are participating in an annual course regarding confession and matters of conscience, organized by the Apostolic Penitentiary. [Read More]

2. Youth Need Catholic Vision of Sexuality, Pope Tells American Bishops

Vatican City, Mar 9, 2012 / 11:31 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In an address that tackled attempts to redefine marriage, Pope Benedict XVI challenged the bishops of the United States to teach young people an authentic Catholic vision of sex and love. [Read More]

3. Cardinal Sanchez dies at 91

MANILA, March 9, 2012 – The fifth Filipino to be elevated to the position of Cardinal has died at the age of 91 years old at the Cardinal Santos Memorial Medical Center in San Juan City at 4:50 a.m. today. He would have turned 92 on Saturday, March 17. [Read More]

4. Why Forcibly Tax Pinoys for Another’s Bedroom Activities? RH Opponents Ask

MANILA, Feb. 29, 2012—Proponents of the reproductive health (RH) bill base the controversial piece of legislation on wrong premises that tend to burden — not genuinely aid — Filipinos, according to those who reject the measure. [Read More]

5. What’s Wrong with “Gay” Pride?

June used to be a month for weddings, graduations, Father’s Day and the beginning of summer. Unfortunately in recent years, it is also a time when all over the nation, many cities sponsor homosexual “pride” events. But I think these events are a time for shame and sorrow, not pride. [Read More]

6. Oklahoma Bill: Women Can Hear Baby’s Heartbeat Before Abortion

The Oklahoma state Senate has approved a bill that allows women to know they can hear the heartbeat of their unborn baby before having an abortion — something abortion centers don’t normally let women hear beforehand. [Read More]

7. ‘Gay-Affirming’ Churches Harming Homosexuals, Says Christian Therapist Hit With Undercover Sting

ROME, March 9, 2012 ( – Churches and psychological professional associations are harming people suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction, both spiritually and medically, by their acceptance of the “gay-affirming” ideology pushed by the homosexualist lobby, a Christian psychotherapist told in an interview today. [Read More]

8. This Lent, Development & Peace Teaches 10% of The World Is Homosexual

MONTREAL, March 9, 2012 ( - The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) has launched its fundraising drive for Lent 2012. Part of their ‘Share Lent’ campaign this year includes a training session which teaches that 10 per cent of the world population is “homosexual – lesbian”. [Read More]

9. One Year Later, Japan Recovers From Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Meltdown

TOKYO — “I have grown old this past year,” said Father Takashi Aizu. Many members of his small Catholic congregation in Kesennuma, Japan, a town northeast of Sendai, lost everything when a devastating tsunami hit last year. [Read More]

10. Is Kirk Cameron 'An Accomplice to Murder'?

It's one thing to be called an intolerant bigot. It's another thing to be called "an accomplice to murder," but that's the latest charge being raised by gay activists and their allies -- and it needs to be exposed for what it is: an outrageous lie. [Read More]

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