Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jesus is THE End

This is a guest post by a fellow Courage brother. In our SSA journey, let us not forget that the ultimate goal is complete union with Christ. All else are secondary. To have Christ is to live.

Jesus is the END.

Some people with SSA think turning straight is the end, and that Jesus is just a means to that end. But they're missing the point...BIG TIME!

Just ask the straight guys who've found Jesus. These guys have never had to struggle a single day with the BIG SSA, and then they find Jesus, and they experience a JOY like they've never had till they realized JESUS IS the END...that everything else is just "icing on the cake".

And what do guys with SSA have to look forward to when they find true JOY in Jesus?

"But I'm still stuck with my SSA...why do I have to end up with the short end of the stick...that's the story of my life...why do straight guys have it all?"


When you have Jesus, whether you are straight or have SSA, you have the ONE THING that your soul has always longed for and needs, or rather that ONE PERSON, and He is Jesus.

In Jesus we can only be pure in heart.

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega.

Jesus is our End.

To have Jesus in this lifetime is our redemption.

To have Jesus for all eternity is our ultimate prize and reward.

May God have mercy on us who have used our sweet Jesus as a means to a lesser end.

Jesus IS our END.

He has already given His life for you and me.

Let us say YES to Him today and every other moment that we live.
Let us give our lives completely to Jesus so He lives in us and we in Him.
Let us surrender all to Him including our sexuality.
Let us live our lives fully for Christ.
Let us live joyfully because we have Christ within us and we belong to Him.
Let us share Christ and the joy we have found in Him to the whole world through the witness of our lives, through daily prayers, through loving service of our neighbor.

Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.
In Him alone we find our purpose and direction.
In Him alone are all the answers.
In Him alone are we fully alive.

In Christ there is selflessness.
In Christ there is healing.
In Christ there is peace.
In Christ there is faith, hope and charity.
In Christ we want for nothing.

Christ Jesus is Lord.
He is the beginning and the END.

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