Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ang Ladlad and the Gay Agenda

I hope that the gay community will not interpret this post as bashing although I make it clear where I stand. I stand on the side of truth based on reason and sound morality without any prejudice towards any person who does not share my views because I believe there is charity in espousing the truth about the matter.

This whole issue with Ladlad is not about "religious bigotry" or "discrimination". The way I see it (and have seen it), there is a move from the gay community not just for recognition but for acceptance of the homosexual ideologies by our society under the guise of legislating laws that will move in favor of "equality of rights". I have heard Ang Ladlad say that they are not bargaining for "special rights" but for "equal rights", and that they are also not lobbying for "same-sex marriage" legislation as it is going to happen anyway according to their views.

At this point I want to borrow some of the arguments by a friend of mine that he posted in an online group on why Ladlad cannot be considered a party list or sectoral minority in our society and these arguments basically say it all:

1. LADLAD cannot be classified as a sectoral party under R.A.7941 since they do not represent any of the following sectors enumerated in Section 5 :labor, peasant, fisherfolk, urban poor, indigenous cultural communities, elderly, handicapped, women, youth, veterans, overseas workers, and professionals.

2. LADLAD cannot be classified as a sectoral organization, or a group of citizens or a coalition of groups of citizens who share similar physical attributes or characteristics, employment, interests or concerns. This is because there are support groups and organizations of persons with same-sex attractions (or what popular media calls homosexuals), but do not share the same interests and concerns of the group LadLad.

3. LADLAD may be a political party, since their desire to be represented in Congress is to speed up the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill (currently House Bill 956 and Senate Bill 11) pending in Congress. This is clearly part of LadLad’s agenda (http://www.angladlad.org/about.asp), and together with their desire to repeal the Anti-Vagrancy Law, they will attempt to legalize every homosexual behavior in the Philippines, and possibly introduce same-sex marriage in our country. Please note that the bills they are endorsing have a repealing clause that will incapacitate all our criminal laws. Through these laws, homosexuals will have a freehand on any behavior they choose.

4. LADLAD does not represent a group that is marginalized by society. I argue that because homosexuality is something that is vaguely understood by the people, discrimination springs from ignorance and misconceptions (quoting Hon. Etta Rosales on her introductory note for HB634), and not from a malicious intent of judgment. After all, persons with good experiences with homosexuals tend to love homosexuals – notwithstanding the efforts of the gay community to desensitize the public through their independent “gay” films like DayBreak, Dose, Ang Lihim ni Antonio, just to name a few. If truly the gay community is marginalized, gay parades, gay beauty pageants, gay films, gay magazines and other manifestation of “gayness” will not be allowed in Philippine society. But the fact is they are accepted by the public, and the true cases of homosexual discrimination may be caused by poverty or ignorance.

5. LADLAD represents a behavior-based group, not like the other sectors enumerated in Section 5 of RA 7941. They do not rest on substantial distinctions (People v. Cayat) that have relative permanency (such as the elderly or women), but only on superficial difference that changes relatively in time. As such, they may represent a group that may recklessly impose their own behavior standards on the public. They represent a group that promotes and celebrates the homosexual lifestyle – cruising, gay-bars, same-sex relationships and sexual activities. I don’t think the law (RA7941) was created for the purpose of including behavior-based groups. If you will allow LadLad to be a candidate for partylist, then we should also allow shoppers, car enthusiasts, pedophiles and mountain hikers to file their candidacies as well.

Basically the whole thing about this issue is that Ang Ladlad will always cry foul whenever it does not get what it wants and is quick to resort to labels such as “discrimination”, “intolerance”, “homophobia”, etc. If you think about it really, all this boils down to a crisis of identity and the false identity that many gay people have come to embrace for themselves. The totality of the human person is too complex as to be defined by one's sexual struggle. Our truest identity lies in God, who has created us in His image and likeness and as such we are called to order our lives to live up to this dignity inherent to every man, woman, and child regardless of one's sexual orientation or preference.

One thing that I observe about the rabid gay activists in general is that they are the people who are most likely not to “tolerate” things despite being a group that demands tolerance from society. Whenever an issue like this comes along and hit the frontpage news it gets magnified a thousand times over. I can still recall similar incidents like this in the not so distant past and the arguments have been the same time and time again.

In all fairness to the gay community, they have gained more recognition now in most places in society – politics, showbiz, business, work, etc., than they have a few decades back because of their outstanding contributions to their respective fields. Having said that, why then is there a clamor for the so-called "equal rights"? Is there really discrimination happening around or is this a self-serving agenda among the LGBT groups?

For the gay community to impose their own sense of “morality” (if you can call it that) by passing laws that would accord rights and privileges on the basis of their sexual orientation and that would promote tolerance of their homosexual behavior in public life is going way beyond the limits already.

I say these things because for quite some time now I am very much aware of the unravelings of gay agenda in the US and how it is impacting their society. I don’t want that to happen here in the Philippines.

On the part of the Comelec commissioners, I believe they have done the right thing. You can call them all the hateful words you can come up with, but these men also have a duty to defend the rights of the greater majority of people from the onslaught of homosexual tyranny and activism.


  1. I agree on every points that you raised on the legal issues why Ladlad failed the Comelec's accreditation as a party List for 2010 Election.

  2. depende sa inyo kasi ang lita nyo sa homosexual ay salot sa lipunan mas salot yung gumagawa ng krimen sa lipunman kaya kahit ganyan ang mga bakla at tomboy may silbi sila sa lipunan.....29

  3. @Anonymous

    If you re-read the article above, the emphasis is on fighting the gay agenda which we believe will not serve the common good of the society. Please be informed that we uphold the human dignity of everyone, gays included, but that on certain issues like this we must stand up to fight for what is just and right.