Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Genes Made Me Do It!

I got some great stuff here that I want to share with you. It's an e-book called My Genes Made Me Do It! - A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation and you can download it chapter by chapter for free here.

What is the Book About?

The book is one of the most comprehensive and easily-read books in the popular market today on science and homosexuality. It is an objective review of more than 10,000 scientific research papers and publications from all sides of the debate.

The book argues for a roughly 10%/90% nature/nurture effect in homosexuality and claims that any genetic effect is very indirect e.g., any physical characteristic making a person feel gender-atypical. The book shows that homosexual orientation is not fixed but that change is possible. It contains arguments not found elsewhere.

Using cutting edge science and summarising thousands of scientific publications and papers, it is nevertheless very accessible to the average reader. The book covers the development of homosexual and heterosexual orientation, instincts, intersexes, culture, prenatal hormonal exposure, neurology, and genetics.

Chapter Headings

1. Can genes create sexual orientation?
2. The genetic implications of homosexual occurrence.
3. Are heterosexuals born that way?
4. How strong are our instincts?
5. What produces intersexes?
6. What do different cultures tell us about sexual orientation?
7. Does pre-natal hormonal exposure make you homosexual?
8. Are brains gay?
9. The "discovery" of the gay gene.
10. Twin studies - the strongest evidence
11. Path Analysis - where does it lead?
12. Can you change your sexual orientation?
13. Summary: Minimal genetic contribution to homosexuality.

Book Reviews

"I have not come across a more readable scientific treatise. I am no academic, and I found the book fascinating. The authors are able to express complex scientific truths in an understandable form, and even where things do get rather complex, helpfully, each chapter is provided with a conclusion which summarises the chapter in simple terms. It's a good read, and is packed with good, well-researched information, and is a vital contribution to the nature-nurture debate." (From Courage Newsletter (UK) Easter 2000 by Dave Pownall)

"....Together they have put together a very readable book that offers a wealth of useful information on the topic of homosexuality.

.....The authors do an excellent job of explaining the difficult scientific terminology involved in the study of genetics, making the topic manageable for the average reader.

Many myths surround the topic of homosexuality and its causes. My Genes Made Me Do It! does an excellent job debunking these myths with scientific research and evidence. " (Tim Ratigan, Human Life International, 2001)

"Are you tired of hearing that people with homosexual temptations are "born that way?" Are you finding recovery difficult, and have doubts as to whether or not homosexuality is a biological problem robbing you of the determination you need to keep going? Have we got a book for you!

...A most helpful book ...excellent discussions ...great documentation." (Anonymous (!) Homosexuals Anonymous, 2000)

(Acknowledgment: The book is authored by Neil and Briar Whitehead. For more information on scientific articles and research on homosexuality, visit their website at www.mygenes.co.nz)

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