Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly News (Second Week of September)

1. Vatican Not Sweating UK Protests

VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 10, 2010 ( The Vatican isn't worried about the possibility of protests during Benedict XVI's visit to the United Kingdom next week, says a spokesman. [Read More]

2. CBCP Office Launches Education Program For Disabled and Street Children

MANILA, Sept. 8, 2010—The Episcopal Commission on Health Care (ECHC) of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in collaboration with the Manila Chinatown Lions Club and the Malacca Lions Club has launched a one-year education sponsorship program. [Read More]

3. US Catholic Bishops Denounce 'Outright Bigotry' against Muslims

Washington D.C., Sep 9, 2010 / 05:54 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Several U.S. bishops attended an interfaith dialogue earlier this week in Washington D.C. and voiced their opposition to recent events in the country that have displayed anti-Muslim sentiments. [Read More]

4. Legalization of Gay Unions Would Be Injustice to Common Good, State Bishops of Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica, Sep 10, 2010 / 06:03 pm (CNA).- The Bishops’ Conference of Costa Rica has sent a message to the country’s lawmakers noting that it is an injustice to sacrifice the common good and the rights of the family in response to pressure from those who support making gay unions equal to marriage. [Read More]

5. Calif. Judge Oversteps Authority, Orders Stop to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy

A federal judge said she will issue an order to halt the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, after she declared the ban on openly homosexual service members unconstitutional. [Read More]

6. Paraguayan Legislator Seeks to Discourage Publicity for Homosexuality During Prime Time

ASUNCIÓN, September 8, 2010 ( - A Paraguayan city council member has drawn the wrath of the homosexualist organization Amnesty International by proposing that discussions of homosexuality be eliminated in the local media during prime time. [Read More]

7. NIH Expedites Grants for Human Embryo Destroying Research

BETHSADA, Maryland, September 10, 2010 ( – The National Institute of Health (NIH) is expediting the grant process for outside researchers in human embryonic stem-cell (hESC) research, after the D.C. Court of Appeals gave them an emergency stay until September 20 on a judge’s order halting their work. [Read More]

8. Parents Can Teach Chastity to Their Teens (Believe It or Not!)

Studies indicate that teen sexual activity dwindles in the summer and then increases in the fall as school reconvenes and teens spend more time together. [Read More]

9. Teens, Sexuality, and John Paul II's Teaching

DALLAS, SEPT. 9, 2010 ( Teenagers have a particular capacity to understand God's plan for human sexuality through John Paul II's teaching on the theology of the body, says Monica Ashour. [Read More]

10. Homosexual Protesters as Bullies and Crybabies

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