Thursday, September 30, 2010

Word on Fire by Fr. Robert Barron

I want to invite everyone to visit the Word on Fire website. It is run by Fr. Robert Barron, Catholic priest/evangelist/speaker/theologian/award winning author from the Archdiocese of Chicago. Fr. Barron combats the crisis of faith in our culture by proclaiming the Word through the utilization of advanced and emerging technologies, internet, radio stations, cable TV, and DVDs. I love listening to his sermons because they are thought-provoking and very insightful. He seems to have this ability to dwell into the natural and elevate it to the supernatural. He does not limit himself to purely spiritual topics. He also has video commentaries on pop culture, current social events, famous personalities, etc.

Fr. Barron is currently working on a documentary entitled The Catholicism Project in which he "seeks to explore, through a global journey, the living culture of the Catholic Church. From the lands of the Bible, to the great shrines of Europe, to the shores and heartland of America, to the mysteries of Asia, to the rich landscapes of Latin America, to the beating heart of Africa - and beyond, witness the passion and glory of the faith that claims over a billion of the earth’s people as its own." (WOF website)

Be inspired by Fr. Barron and set your spiritual life ablaze by visiting

"I have come to light a fire on the earth." Luke 12:49

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