Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly News (Second Week of October)

1. Pontiff Warns of Truth-Falsehood Mix-Up

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 7, 2010 ( In our world of communication technology, says Benedict XVI, the truth can become interchangeable with falsehood; reality can be confused with what's merely "virtual." [Read More]

2. Economist Debunks Claim of Population Explosion in RP

MANILA, Oct. 6, 2010—Is the Philippine population indeed a ticking time bomb as proponents of RH bill say so? One of the country’s economists and academicians thinks otherwise. [Read More]

3. Media Exploit Tyler Clementi Suicide Tragedy

The death of University student Tyler Clementi might have been properly mourned if it were not for the massive rallies and aggressive news coverage that altered the nature of the situation. The truth is that an 18-year-old boy killed himself – he was a student just like the rest of us, someone just trying to receive an education. Yet people’s relentless agendas took his death and turned it into a cause based on false pretenses. [Read More]

4. Homosexual Activists Confront Archbishop at College Mass

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. — When St. Paul and Minneapolis Archbishop John Nienstedt was invited to celebrate Mass at St. John’s University’s Abbey Church on Sept. 26, the last thing he expected was a protest. [Read More]

5. Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay-Sponsored “Trojan Horse” Measure on Marriage

SACRAMENTO, California, October 7, 2010 ( – California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger earned muted praise from pro-family advocates last week after he vetoed a measure that one pro-family group described as a “Trojan horse” that could have helped homosexuals overturn Prop. 8 in 2012. [Read More]

6. Family is Under 'Permanent Attack' by United Nations, Says Cardinal

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, October 7, 2010 ( - The Cardinal Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico, Juan Sandoval IƱiguez, gave a speech Sunday in which he lashed out at the United Nations and other international organizations that he says are running a campaign to destroy the family. [Read More]

7. The Puzzling Decline in Abortions

MOSCOW — Abortion is declining in some countries around the world, and the statistics are startling in some places. [Read More]

8. Catholic Church Blasts Nobel Prize Committee for Honoring IVF Creator Edwards

Washington, DC ( -- The leading spokesman on pro-life issues for the Catholic Church says the committee that awards the Nobel Prize was wrong to give one to Robert Edwards, known as the father of the test tube baby and the inventor of in-vitro fertilization. He joins two pro-life groups publicly opposing the award. [Read More]

9. Catholic Novelist Calls Men to Spiritual Fatherhood

Denver, Colo., Oct 8, 2010 / 05:47 am (CNA).- Acclaimed Catholic novelist Brian Gail, spoke Wednesday at the Archdiocese of Denver's John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization. Addressing the subject of “Fatherhood in a Fatherless World,” Gail examined the social concerns behind his planned trilogy of books, and urged audience members to make their lives and families beacons of light in times of moral and spiritual darkness. [Read More]

10. Addressing Homosexuality with “Love in Truth”

ROME, October 7, 2010 ( – What is the best way to present Christian teachings on homosexuality in the face of an increasingly hostile secular culture? How can Christians answer the accusations leveled against their beliefs? John-Henry Westen,’s editor-in-chief, told an audience of the world’s pro-life and pro-family leaders at a conference in Italy this week that the only way is “caritas in veritate;” to speak the truth in love. [Read More]

Quote from Pope Benedict XVI on Church-State Affairs

"When the Church raises her voice in face of today's great challenges and problems, such as wars, hunger, the extreme poverty of so many, the defense of human life from its conception until its natural end, or the promotion of the family founded on marriage between a man and a woman and the first [entity] responsible for the education of children, it does not act out of individual interests or for principles that can only be perceived by those who profess a specific religious faith.

"Respecting the rules of democratic coexistence, it does so for the good of the whole society and in the name of values that every person can share with his right reasoning."

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