Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catholic Engaged Encounter

Calling all engaged couples out there! Get to know your future spouse in a deeper way before tying the knot through this enriching marriage preparation program especially designed for you.

What is Catholic Engaged Encounter?

The CATHOLIC ENGAGED ENCOUNTER (CEE) is a weekend program that gives couples preparing for marriage the opportunity to examine their lives together through communication... a time to share their feelings, hopes, disappointments, joys, frustrations...and to do so openly and honestly in a face to face, heart to heart setting designed to deepen and enrich their relationship with each other and with God. This is a time for couples to focus on their couple relationship away from the distractions and tensions of everyday life.

For more information:
E-mail: ceephilippines@gmail.com

Bernadette & Robbie Fabian 722-2315, 0920-9618840
Cory & Dado Hipolito 8207352, 8100222
Anna & Ike Madamba 7296568, 0917-5221440
Malou & Galo Reyes (for NFP) 439-3365, 0920-2086249
Elisha & Vinchy Lirios 721-4153, 0917-5206312
Chin & Lorna 0917-8811151, 0917-8225431
Fr. John Morota 0917-8819054

"A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime."

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