Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly News (Second Week of July 2011)

1. New York Prelate: There's Something Left to Say on Marriage

Archbishop Dolan Offers 7-Point Response to Same-Sex Legislation

NEW YORK, JULY 13, 2011 ( Archbishop Timothy Dolan is responding to his state's legalization of same-sex "marriage" with a message to the homosexual community: "I am honored that so many of you are at home within our Catholic family, where, like the rest of us, we try, with the help of God's grace and mercy, to conform our lives to Jesus and his message." [Read More]

2. Attack on The Bishops Backfires

MANILA, July 14, 2011—Seven bishops from the country’s poorest dioceses told the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Wednesday the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) had given them vehicles to service the poor, the sick, the dying, and displaced victims of conflict and calamities, but these were old, second-hand pickup trucks, and not luxurious Pajeros, as alleged by the new PCSO head Margarita Juico and her media allies who had maliciously labeled them “the Pajero bishops.” [Read More]

3. California LGBT Curriculum is ‘Indoctrination,’ Critic Says

07:39 am | SACRAMENTO, CALIF., Jul 16, 2011 (CNA/EWTN News).- The California governor has signed into law a bill that will not simply require a “gay history” curriculum. It requires a form of “indoctrination” that will label Christianity as being intolerant and bigoted, one critic says. [Read More]

4. Pastors: Homosexuality Not a Sin

A group of Omaha pastors has issued a proclamation that states homosexuality is not a sin. [Read More]

5. UNFPA Launches Misleading Campaign Against “Overpopulation”

New York, NY (CFAM/LifeNews) –Messaging tied to a major new UN campaign reveals that the catastrophic fears common among population experts in the past 40 years regarding overpopulation and global population growth never came to pass and are now obsolete given new global population realities. [Read More]

6. Marriage Going Out of Fashion in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - Marriage is losing its luster for many in the Philippines, with an increasing number of couples starting families out of wedlock, the government census office said on Friday. [Read More]

7. Reality TV Polygamists Sue For Right to Lifestyle Choice - Gay Media Repudiates

SALT LAKE CITY, July 15, 2011 ( - The polygamous stars of a TLC reality TV series are planning to challenge Utah’s law against bigamy, arguing that it is a violation of their right to a lifestyle choice consistent with their religious beliefs. [Read More]

8. I Am An Ex-Gay, and I Support Michele Bachmann and Her Husband

July 14, 2011 ( - Why have gay activists instigated media attention over ex-gays and the husband of Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann? [Read More]

9. Gay "Marriage" is About Power, Not Love [Read More]

10. Dion's Spiritual Journey for Truth

Dion DiMucci considers himself a “ferocious” Catholic and proclaims that “the truth will set you free.” That is why he chose Dion the Wanderer Talks Truth: Stories, Humor and Music for the title of his recently published autobiography, which discusses many details about his life, including his music. [Read More]

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