Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly News (Second Week of January 2012)

1. Putting Words in the Pope's Mouth

Where Was the Real 'News' in the Speech to the Diplomatic Corps?

ROME, JAN. 12, 2012 ( On reading the Jan. 9 Reuters report titled: "Gay marriage a threat to humanity's future: Pope," readers could be excused for thinking that Benedict XVI had made a major speech on the issue of same-sex "marriage." [Read More]

2. Gays Can Have Partners, But Not Marry – Bishop**

IT is “understandable” that homosexuals would seek “partnerships” but these cannot be called marriage, a Catholic prelate said Thursday. [Read More]

(**Please note that this news item does not in any way infer that the Church 'encourages' civil partnership among gay people)

3. Calungsod Miracle Bared

CEBU CITY—She had no idea who Blessed Pedro Calungsod was until she benefited from a healing miracle attributed to the intercession of the young Visayan martyr. [Read More]

4. Leaders Warn That Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Threatens Religious Liberty

Washington D.C., Jan 12, 2012 / 08:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Several dozen religious leaders joined together against redefining marriage in America, warning that such a move would have “far-reaching consequences” for religious freedom. [Read More]

5. Tim Tebow: The Walking Pro-Life Billboard The Left Hates [Read More]

6. One Million People Watch Cartoon Series on Population Control

In the summer of 2009, the Population Research Institute went out on a limb. We made a cartoon. [Read More]

7. ‘The Bigotry Question Goes Both Ways,’ Catholic Gingrich Tells Pro-Gay Media

"There's a lot more anti-Christian bigotry today than there is concerning the other side, and none of it gets covered by the media," Gingrich said. [Read More]

8. Pro-Life Play Provokes Socialist Backlash in Spanish City of Merdia

MERIDA, Spain, January 13, 2011 ( - A socialist political party in the Spanish city of Merida has asked the government to prohibit a pro-life play for “stigmatizing” women who have abortions, according to the Spanish news agency EFE. [Read More]

9. Site of Hindu Attacks on Christians Sees Conversions

Many of those who persecuted Christians in India are themselves becoming Christian. Kandhamal proves Tertullian right. [Read More]

10. Would You Abort a Gay Baby?

When former Senator Rick Santorum was campaigning in New Hampshire earlier this week, a disgusting thing occurred on the campus of a local Catholic college. [Read More]

Viva Senor Santo Nino!

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