Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly News (Fourth Week of February 2012)

1. Pontiff Notes Hopeful Element in 'To Dust You Shall Return'

Says Through That 'Dust,' God Became Unthinkably Near

ROME, FEB. 23, 2012 ( Benedict XVI says the somber Ash Wednesday declaration "You are dust and to dust you shall return" is not only an invitation to humility, but also an announcement of the path to salvation. [Read More]

2. International Speaker Urges Catholics to Understand Pro-Life Issues

MANILA, Feb. 22, 2012—Catholics should see to it that they translate their faith into concrete everyday actions instead of merely paying lip service and staying on the level of being a “Sunday Catholic,” an international speaker said during his recent visit to the Philippines. [Read More]

3. HHS Mandate's Purpose Is Sexual Liberation, Feminist Supporter Says

“The point of birth control is to have sex that’s recreational and non-procreative,” wrote Haag approvingly. “It’s to permit women to exercise their desires without the 'sword of Damocles' of unwanted pregnancy hanging gloomily over their heads.” [Read More]

4. Democrat Governor: Gov't Owes It to Children to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

( – Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley said Friday that his decision to support a same-sex marriage bill, which cleared the state Senate and is expected to be signed into law, was made after considering the children of gay parents. [Read More]

5. Medical Records Reveal Diseases and Maladies Associated with ‘Gay’ Sex and Homosexual Behavior

Penile lesions, anal warts, anal tearing, epididymitis, gay-on-gay violence found in records [Read More]

6. I’m Committed to Abstinence, Virgin is Not a Dirty Word

I’ll just kick it off with the juicy stuff so you don’t have to wait around: I haven’t had sexual intercourse in almost four years. Now, this is not to say I haven’t done anything I wouldn’t do if Jesus were in the room. I am not perfect. But for the past three and a half years, in the ball park of my love life, there have been no home runs. [Read More]

7. Child Sex Change Ethical?

One Christian pediatrician is raising ethical concerns with parents allowing children who believe they were born the wrong gender to undergo hormone treatments, and later surgery to physically change their gender. [Read More]

8. Farewell, Frappuccinos

I dislike boycotts for a number of reasons, but am undertaking a personal one at present, since Starbuck's announced its support for gay "marriage." [Read More]

9. The SCIENTIFIC Basis For Defending All Human Life

Pro-lifers need to be more knowledgeable about what we are for and why we believe what we believe. [Read More]

10. Introduction to Almsgiving

Of the three marks of Lent — prayer, fasting and almsgiving — almsgiving is surely the most neglected. [Read More]

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