Thursday, June 14, 2012

Open Letter to GMA News & Public Affairs

This is an open letter addressed to GMA-7 by our Courage head Brother Rollie regarding the Makati incident where a group of transgenders were denied entry in an establishment. I also caught this TV interview with Danton Remoto and as always I have this impression that pro-gay groups such as Ang Ladlad are quick to pick this kind of news and make a big deal out of it and thus make it seem like the gay community is yet another "victim" of "discrimination" in society. And what a wise move for Danton Remoto to use this kind of media exposure to advance his agenda of legislating the Anti-Discrimination Bill. For GMA-7, I guess it's also high time to examine if you are truly living up to your tagline of "walang kinikilingan" as I'm also getting the impression that you are biased in presenting gay issues like this or maybe you guys don't really know much about how to deal with it. Anyway, I hope this open letter gets your attention.

To: GMA News and Public Affairs

I like your tagline "Walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan, serbisyong totoo lamang".

However, in your morning program Unang Hirit this morning, I think you were biased (consistent with how you always treat the issue of homosexuality) in favor of the LGBT community.

This is about the "discrimination" case about transgenders who were not allowed entry to an establishment in Makati. There was already a news feature about this, but you even more stressed the "victim mode" of the LGBT community by interviewing Danton Remoto of Ang Ladlad during the Talakayan with Arnold Clavio segment. I think this was unnecessary, though I guess it was an early plug-in promotion of this partylist group wanting to have a seat in Congress.

I am leading a group called Courage Apostolate Philippines chapter, of persons with same-sex attractions, but who chose not to live out the gay lifestyle but live a chaste life. I would like to make three (3) statements regarding this issue.

1. A right of one group of persons that undermines the right of another group of persons is not authentic human right.

When you upheld the right of the transgenders to party and have fun in any bar that they want, you undermine the right of an establishment to make their own rules and policies. If an establishment has rules and policies, the public must abide by those rules and policies, and not insist that they have the right over the establishment. If an establishment chooses to break its policies in favor of an angered party, this establishment must open itself to break its rules on any other party. This means to say if an establishment has rules regarding no crossdressing and no sandos and sandals - if they allow crossdressers to enter their establishment because they become offended by its rules, they must also allow those in sandos and sandals to enter as well.

I admire Icon bar for apologizing that they have offended the feelings of transgenders. But they should not bend to the whims of any group to change their rules for fear of offending anyone. Otherwise, we will just live in anarchy and paranoia, worried that another advocacy group would appear challenging our rules and policies.

2. Discrimination in its purest sense must be against classification of persons based on substantial distinction and not superficial difference.

The Anti-Discrimination Bill pose a danger because it draws from a flawed logic. Sexual orientation and gender identity should not be compared to skin color or racial attributes, because these are behavior-based and not on characteristics with relative permanency. One may not choose to have same-sex attraction, but what we do with this attraction is by itself a choice! In Tagalog "Hindi mo man piniling maging bakla, pinipili mong magpakabakla at manatiling bakla".

Because this dangerous bill defines discrimination as "actual or perceived", and there is no clear distinction or attribute if a person is part of the LGBT community or not, ANYONE could pose as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender and claim that they are being discriminated against! So that means an employer, an establishment, a church or anyone who goes against the whims of the LGBT community can be sued with discrimination cases. So that means anyone could just claim to be an LGBT member and get away with lawsuits in the name of discrimination.

3. Ang Ladlad partylist does not represent all members of the homosexual community.

We are persons with same-sex attractions - we share this character with everyone in the LGBT community. We share in their dream of being accepted by society. But we are in opposition with all the principles of the Ang Ladlad partylist. We do not believe that anyone is born a homosexual. We do not believe that advancement of the people's understanding of homosexuals is made through laws that strikes fear in a person's heart, but an education on the true pastoral care of homosexual persons. We do not accept homosexuality as our end, but see it as the surface and symptom of the deep wounds and hurts sustained in a person's gender security. We do not accept that celebrating gayness is the way to happiness, but knowing one's true self as God sees us. We do not accept the defeat of our sexuality through what other people say we are, but we fight for our right to change!

We exist. We thrive in the protection of our God whom we dearly called Father - for He is not a genderless God.

* Aftercall -

* Bagong Pag-asa -

* Courage -

* Ichtus Community -

You, like all popular mass media, have always highlighted the plight of the LGBT community. But you have yet to explore our own struggles, our own victories, our own lives that are offered as an alternative lifestyle - an option, to persons with same-sex attractions.

We challenge you to feature us in your programs - in full length, and not just sandwiched in your pro-gay agenda.
See our groups thriving amidst the gay culture which you so adamantly promote.

May God bless and keep you!

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