Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly News (Fourth Week of July 2012)

1. Denver Bishops Mourn With Community Over Theater Tragedy

DENVER — Archbishop Samuel Aquila and Auxiliary Bishop James Conley mourned with the Denver community after a gunman opened fire in a local movie theater on July 20, killing 12 and wounding more than 50. [Read More]

2. Catholic Chaplain Helps Families and Survivors After Aurora Shootings

Englewood, Colo., Jul 21, 2012 / 07:24 am (CNA).- At Swedish Medical Center, where 23 victims of a deadly movie theater attack were brought in the early hours of June 20, lay Catholic chaplain Marcus Ebenhoe is helping family, friends, and survivors. [Read More]

3. Train Online Missionaries, Parishes and Dioceses Urged

MANILA, July 19, 2012—Organizers of the first Catholic Social Media Summit (CSMS) held last weekend urged youth coordinators in the dioceses to replicate the highly successful event in their respective regions to train young Catholics to be online missionaries. [Read More]

4. Google Faces Criticism Over Global Push for Gay Advocacy

Krakow, Poland, Jul 19, 2012 / 02:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Google's push for the legal recognition of same-sex relationships in countries like Poland has drawn the ire of critics, who suggest the company should address basic human rights violations elsewhere. [Read More]

5. Pro-Life Opposition to Melinda Gates Population Summit Not Fading

New York, NY (CFAM/LifeNews) — Pro-life protesters at the Family Planning Summit in London last week signaled that opposition to the multi-billion dollar campaign is not going away. [Read More]

6. Contest Draws Attention to Natural Family Planning

Voting for Favorite Video Now Open to the Public

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, July 19, 2012 ( Goodness Reigns, a Catholic media site, is inviting the public to vote in its mini contest titled "Natural Family Planning: The Better Way." Judges for the event have already chosen as their favorite Leah Chen's video "Natural Family Planning Explained." [Read More]

7. Misperception Clouds the Truth

Americans are massively overestimating the percentage of the population that is homosexual -- a phenomenon that a pro-family activist says plays right into an "information war against the truth." [Read More]

8. The New York Times Reports Marriage leads to Economic Prosperity

NEW YORK, July 19, 2012, ( – The definition of marriage has long been considered a religious or legal argument. However, a growing number of economists, journalists, and social researchers are concluding that getting and staying married is a key to economic prosperity and domestic tranquility. [Read More]

9. Author of Controversial ‘Gold Standard’ Study on Gay Parenting Being Investigated by University

July 16, 2012 ( - The University of Texas has launched a “scientific misconduct” investigation of UT sociologist Mark Regnerus, after he was accused by homosexual activists of “scientific misconduct” in his recent study. [Read More]

10. Facebooking for God: Nun Recruits Online

CNN has a nice feature video on the Good Shepherd Sisters in Quebec, highlighting their innovative methods to attract new vocations. [Read More]

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