Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly News (Fifth Week of August 2012)

1. Philippines Looking Forward to Canonization of Native Son

CEBU, Philippines, AUG. 30, 2012 ( On Oct. 21, Benedict XVI will canonize Blessed Pedro Calungsod who gave his life for the faith on April 2, 1672, in Guam. [Read More]

2. AIDS Cure Alone Not Enough

MANILA, August 30, 2012— As science takes steps forward to stop “needless deaths” from HIV/AIDS, Msgr. Robert Vitillo urged governments to take measures that would prevent “needless infections”. [Read More]

3. Restoring Hope for Homosexuals

A new organization aimed at providing Christian-based help for homosexuals is in the beginning stages of development. It is designed to be a place for homosexuals disenchanted with Exodus International. [Read More]

4. Defeat Barack Obama: The Most Extreme President Ever on Abortion

America has never had a more pro-abortion President than Barack Obama. In another time, Obama’s views on late abortions and on eliminating virtually all current protections for unborn children and their mothers would have been considered a scandal. They would have disqualified him from holding high office. [Read More]

5. Pope Suggests It’s Best to Be ‘Honest’ and Leave The Church If You Don’t Believe: HLI Priest

VATICAN CITY, August 28, 2012 ( - In his Angelus address Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of Judas’ betrayal of Christ, saying that Judas’ problem was failing to leave Christ when he no longer believed – a “falsehood,” said the Pope, “which is a mark of the devil.” [Read More]

6. University Upholds Study Finding Children Do Better With Straight Parents Than Homosexuals

AUSTIN, TX, August 30, 2012, ( - A Texas university has determined that “no formal investigation is warranted” against a professor who published a rigorous study this summer finding that children of heterosexual parents fare better in many respects than children of homosexual parents. [Read More]

7. Religious People Donate More to Church and Charity

A recent study reveals that states where religious participation is highest give the greatest percentage of their discretionary income to charitable organizations. Conversely, states that are less religious give less. [Read More]

8. Demographics as The Grim Reaper: The Death Knell of Low Birth Rates

The developed countries are suffering a severe birth dearth and, as a result, an enormous shift in global power will soon be upon us. [Read More]

9. Five Ways to Stop Your Six Year Old from Becoming a Sex Object

A new study just out from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, shows that girls as young as six are being conditioned by secular media to view themselves as sex objects. [Read More]

10. No Divine Life Without a Social Life

One day, as I was listening to the radio, a mother called in to a Catholic talk show with a concern. She said that although her family prays the rosary on a regular basis, her high school daughter was being “lost” to some very important issues such as same-sex marriage. [Read More]

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