Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly News (Third Week of October 2012)

1. On The Nature of Faith

"Faith is a gift of God, but it is also a profoundly free and human act"

VATICAN, OCTOBER 24, 2012 ( Here is a translation of the address Benedict XVI gave today in St. Peter’s Square. Today the Holy Father continued his new series of catecheses on faith. [Read More]

2.  Cardinal-Designate Tagle Humbled by New Appointment

ROME, Italy, Oct. 26, 2012 – The recent appointment of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle may seem like another cause for pride for the Philippines, but for Tagle himself, the new position, if anything, humbles him. [Read More]

3. Catholics United Urges 'Gay Marriage' Surrender

.- The group Catholics United, which until now has avoided directly contradicting Catholic teaching in its defense of Democratic political causes, has now denounced Catholic efforts to defend traditional marriage as a “far right-wing” social issue. [Read More]

4. Bishop Hits UN Proposal to Legalize Prostitution in PH

MANILA, Oct. 25, 2012—A Catholic bishop has added his voice to the growing criticism over a United Nations (UN) report recommending that sex-related jobs be legalized in the country. [Read More]

5.  Letter to Obama: Stop Attack on Ministries to Ex-'Gays'

On behalf of the Christian ministry Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), the United States Justice Foundation submitted a letter to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), calling for President Barack Obama's administration to put an end to its promotion of websites attacking Christian ministries that reach out to individuals departing from homosexual lifestyles. [Read More]

6.  Does Abortion Really Reduce Crime? Another Look at Freakonomics

Throughout the Twentieth Century, eugenicists promoted abortion and birth control, claiming that if the “lower classes” would only have fewer children, crime would also decline. [Read More]

7.  Gays Against the Gay Agenda (G.A.G.A.) Says Homosexuals 'Are Being Used to Further an Agenda [Read More]

8. Batman Actor Christian Bale Condemns Forced Abortion in China, Honors Blind Activist Chen Guangcheng

NEW YORK, October 26,  2012 ( – Actor Christian Bale presented blind forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng with an award last night at the annual gala of Human Rights First.  [Read More]

9.  Purgatory: An Objection Answered

In Catholic theology, Purgatory is a state (or a process, not necessarily a place) to which one’s soul travels if one has died in a state of grace, but nevertheless retains unremitted venial sins and certain ingrained bad habits and dispositions. [Read More]

10. Traditional Values Pay: Chick-Fil-A Makes Record-Breaking Profits After Marriage Controversy

ATLANTA, October 26, 2012, ( – Chick-fil-A has learned upholding traditional values is not just good for the soul; it’s also good for business. [Read More]

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