Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly News (Second Week of November 2012)

1. Pope Calls Faith, Reason Dialogue Essential to Human Freedom

.- Pope Benedict XVI said cooperation between science and faith is necessary for world peace and man's destiny, as he addressed the Pontifical Academy of Sciences this morning. [Read More]

2. Pro-Life Leaders to Speak at a National Congress For Life in Cebu

MANILA, Nov. 10, 2012—Cebu City plays host to another big gathering of luminaries and workers in the pro-life movement as the National “Philippines for Life” Congress 2012, organized by Human Life International (HLI) Pilipinas happens on November 16-17. [Read More]

3. Re-Election of Pro-Abortion US President Impetus for PH Pro-Lifers to Intensify Advocacy

MANILA, Nov. 7, 2012—The re-election of the most pro-abortion president in US history, while a major disappointment to conservatives in that nation as well as to life and family advocates in the Philippines, may just be the motivation needed to galvanize the pro-life movement and work double tides to get pro-life candidates into public office in the 2013 elections. [Read More]

4. Washingston State Leads Same-Sex "Marriage" Sweep

Voters in the state of Washington voted to allow same-sex "marriage" Tuesday night, winning 52 to 48 percent, reflecting the blue tide that swept across the nation. [Read More]

5. Gay ‘Marriage Equality’ = Unequal Treatment for Heterosexuals

The homosexual push for “equal marriage,” otherwise known as genderless marriage, can only lead to a ban on heterosexual rights. [Read More]

6. Obama Won, But the Pro-Life Movement is Still Winning [Read More]

7. A Person is More than His Body, and Love is More than Sex

Amidst the hype of the newly “discovered” – and forged – Papyrus scroll that seemingly serves as evidence that Jesus had a wife, it is highly interesting and noteworthy that NBC news chose the following title for one of its articles on the topic: “Too Holy for Sex: The Problem of a Married Jesus.” [Read More]

8. 50 Shades of Pornography Addiction

October 30, 2012 ( - Men and women view the world differently. That’s no secret. And it’s also no secret the majority of pornography is marketed toward men and it typically objectifies women as highly sexualized beings willing to cater to every whim. [Read More]

9. The Effects of Media Violence

ROME, Nov. 9, 2012 ( The long-running debate over the effects of violence in the media has received new impetus from some recent studies. [Read More]

10. Christians Must Start Talking Openly About Porn: Creators of ‘Shamed’

LOS ANGELES, November 8, 2012, ( – Every minute Americans spend more than $3,000 on pornography. The average age of exposure to porn is now 11 years old. An estimated 25 percent of all internet searches are for porn. Every second, more than 28,000 people are looking at porn. And more than half of all divorces cite porn as a contributing factor to the breakdown of the marriage. [Read More]

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