Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly News (Fourth Week of March 2013)

1. Life Has Exchanged the Tomb for the Sky

Lectio Divina: Easter, Year C

The first day of the week is Sunday, the day in which we celebrate Christ's resurrection. He resurrects in the night, long before the sunshine illuminates this day of celebration. [Read More]

2. Easter's Message of Hope Helps Us Face Trials, Bishops Say

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle said that turning to God is the most creative approach to problem solving ever imagined. [Read More]

3. Thousands Flood DC to Stand Up For Marriage

.- Citing concerns for the well-being of children and respect for the democratic process, participants in the national March for Marriage in Washington, D.C., stressed the importance of marriage for society. [Read More]

4. Anderson Cooper Kisses 'Boy Scout' Madonna to Offend Traditional America [Read More]

5. In New Zealand and France, Support for Same-Sex Marriage Wanes as Legalization Looms

( – As the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in two same-sex marriage cases, the approaching passage of laws legalizing same-sex marriage in New Zealand and France appear to be prompting a public opinion shift against the change. [Read More]

6. Why Easter Sunday Matters to the Pro-Life Movement

Of all the holidays and events on our calendars, I believe none are more important than Easter Sunday. [Read More]

7. What Harm Would It Do To Legalize Gay "Marriage"?

At the outset, it is worth noting that this question is often framed in a rather misleading way: “What harm would a same-sex couple getting married do to your opposite-sex marriage?” The issue, however, is not how any one couple’s marriage would affect any other specific couple’s marriage—the issue is how changing the definition of marriage under the law would change the social institution of marriage. [Read More]

8. Must-See Video: A Marriage Expert's Masterful Handling of Piers Morgan

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 28, 2013 (Heritage Foundation) - How do you throw Piers Morgan off his game? Stick to the facts, remain civil and win the argument. Heritage’s Ryan Anderson did exactly that Tuesday night in a showdown with the liberal CNN host of “Piers Morgan Live” and guest Suze Orman. [Read More]

9. Callings and Crosses

Family Matters: Single Life

There are the normative ways to draw close to God. Then there are as many other ways as there are people. [Read More]

10. Delaying Marriage

One of the major social changes in recent times is the postponement of marriage. A recent report examined the implications of this development. [Read More]

Happy Easter!

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