Monday, March 11, 2013

Ang Pro-Life Party List

I don't normally endorse individuals or groups but this coming elections I wholeheartedly give my support to Ang Pro-Life Partylist for the sake of the unborn and to help fight the advancing culture of death in our nation.


Our nation has been ravaged by traditional politics and immoral RH law, which are some of the factors that prevent us from seeing economic and moral prosperity. 

Our country is faced with serious economic, political, social, and moral problems, and this is why it is time to heed the clamor of the people for a vote that will espouse Catholic and moral principles, first and foremost. 

For this reason, we ask for your support not only in voting, but actively participating in campaigning and promoting Ang Prolife Partylist. 

A vote for Ang Prolife is a vote for the future of our nation. 

We may not have the big machinery that traditional politicians have but if we help each other out, God will bless our efforts and will reward us with victory.
For more inquiries on how to help us in our campaign or how to donate to Ang Prolife Partylist, call us at 02-734-8425 or text us at 0917-5359702 email us at

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