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A Call to Defend Life

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January 15, 2014

Dear Friends,

Peace be with you!

Once again, we are called upon to fulfill our sacred duty to defend life, and the day and the place is the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR) to be held at Philippine International Convention Center on January 21-24, 2014. Close to a hundred NGOs are participating in this conference, and on this day, we will hold a prayer rally and be seen and heard so that we may be voices of the unborn, the poor, and the weak, in the early morning of January 21, 8:00 am - 10:00 am.

We all know that Reproductive Health is a misnomer; it pays lip service to pregnant women, that they may remain healthy during their pregnancy, and neither does it promote good health. It is quite unfortunate that the only choice they give is a choice between what contraceptive or family planning method women want to avail of, where we should be empowering women through education, skills training, and job opportunities that lead to better choices in life.

The event is a three-day conference that will talk about the different aspects of Reproductive Health, and the anti-life camp has spared no expense in inviting foreign delegation to speak in this conference. Close to half of their topics include the youth and how to educate them using anti-life teachings and doctrines. Attached below is a list of topics and satellite sessions concerning the youth, which includes also a topic about abortion. More than mobilizing ourselves here and there, we also need to double our efforts to reach out to the young and teach them the beauty and sanctity of life.

It should also be noted that this year is the Year of the Laity, and this February we will be celebrating Pro-Life Month with the theme: Year of the Laity, Year of LifeHand in Hand Towards a Pro-Life Nation. Our protest and prayer rally is the perfect time to manifest our pro-life zeal and fervor. Please be there and be counted! You may bring pro-life placards, posters, tarps, and t-shirts too.

May God bless us and all our efforts to defend the sacredness of life in all its stages! Mabuhay!

Eric Manalang
Pro-Life Philippines

7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive
and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR)

Who are in the January 21-24 conference:

International Planned Parenthood - the number one abortion provider in the world.

Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights is a pro-abortion group. Check their website.

UNFPA - the architect of the one-child policy of China.

Catholics for Choice - a group based in the US who is pro-abortion and pro same-sex marriage.

Marie Stopes International - another pro-abortion group who has offices here in the Philippines.

Asia Safe Abortion Partnership - their name speaks for their advocacy

And many other Pro-RH and Pro-sexual rights groups which we believe are also pro-abortion.

Their program on the first day of the conference targets the youth. Our young people are in danger. Part of the program on Day 2 is post-abortion care. On Day 3, included in the program is women seeking safe abortion services. Part of the conference is a field trip to the following Sexual Health and Rights Centers. We may want to check for they could be providing abortions right under our noses:

Blue Star Birthing and Family Planning Clinic
Cattleya Well and Family Midwife Clinic
Family Planning Organization of the Philippines
Klinika Bernardo
Likhaan Clinic (Likhaan is a pro-abortion and pro-RH group)
Positive Action Foundation of the Philippines
Love Yourself Hub
San Dionisio Clinic.

Most important person in the conference is His Excellency, Benigno Simeon Aquino, President of the Republic of the Philippines.

If you think that our families and values are in great danger, join pro-life groups that will hold a prayer rally at PICC in the early morning of January 21, Tuesday, 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. For more info call Pro-Life office at 7337027, 7349425 or txt us at 09192337783.

Please also read this related Pro-Life article entitled The Conference of Death.

Defend Life!

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