Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blast from the Past

Listed below are links to interesting articles posted in the old Courage blog. I hope you could find time to browse through some of them by clicking on the title and this will redirect you to the original site where that article was taken. We will continue to post such articles here in the coming days and months.

1. How Groups Work: Coming Out of a Gay Identity, and Becoming One of the Guys by Richard Rupp, M.Div., MFCC

2. Self-Knowledge and Self-Acceptance or A Spirituality for the Imperfect given by Fr. Pocetto at the 2004 Courage Women's Retreat

3. Is Chastity Possible? by Rev. T.G. Morrow

4. The Psychology of Temptation by Fr. Jeffrey Keefe, OFM Conv. PhD., STL

5. All Things Became New by Alan Medinger

6. Running a Courage Meeting: One Way Among Many by Fr. James B. Lloyd, CSP

7. The Fourteen Steps of Homosexual Anonymous from the HA website

8. Knighthood and Biblical Manhood by Lou Whitworth

9. Mentorship of Men Who Struggle with Same Sex Attraction by Steven Donaldson, MA, LPC

10. The Law of Charity from SSA Morality League website

11. Holding on to Sexual Purity by Bob Davies and Lori Rentzel

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