Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to the New Courage Blog!

Welcome to the new Courage blog! Our new and improved website seeks to unite all our courageous brothers and sisters out there wherever they may be and to reach out to our brothers and sisters struggling with same-sex attraction. I want to give thanks and praise to God for inspiring me to take full responsibility in renovating the old Courage blog despite my limited technical know-how in creating a website. Having been in the blogosphere myself for almost one year, I'm quite aware of the power of blogging to reach out to others and also as a powerful means of social communication.

Check out the following features:
1. Courage organization, history, community, vision & mission, goals, FAQs, and activities.
2. Contact information, e-group, feedback section.
3. Multimedia section which includes 24-hour EWTN TV coverage, featured movies, jukebox, reflections, and news sites.
4. Audio on Demand Series on homosexuality, purity, male spirituality, etc.
5. Links to FREE downloadable internet filter and accountability softwares.
6. Websites on prayer, catholic faith, sacraments, and prolife issues.
7. Websites dealing with topics such as sexual purity, pornography, masturbation, and sex addiction.
8. Websites on fathers, teens, & young adults.
9. A special section on Portraits of Courage - a documentary video on people who have found strength and support in the Courage ministry plus life stories of people and a transformation testimony of Ansel Beluso.
10. Websites and support groups for people with SSA with a link to reading materials on this topic.
11. A separate section for women with SSA.
12. Plan of action for healing, wholeness, and growth.
13. Volunteer and charitable organizations.
14. A gadget for translating the contents to other languages.

The new Courage blog will be updated regularly and enlisted in different blog catalogs/directories to reach a wider audience. Do visit our site for updates and support us by linking us to your blogs/websites.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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