Sunday, June 28, 2009

News & Commentaries

1. Pope: Charity Is The Best Strategy [weblink]

2. As Year for Priests Begins, Pope Prepares to Close Pauline Year [weblink]

3. Gay Rights Hinder UK Adoption Agency [weblink]

4. Arthur Goldberg of JONAH to Speak at AFTAH July 17 - Says 'Gay Marriage' is Bad Science, Bad Politics [weblink]

5. Chicago School to March in Pride Parade [weblink]

6. Porn to Purity: Christian Couple Shares Their Battle with Sin in New Ministry [weblink]

7. Mega Analysis of Over 100 Years of Research Shows Treatment for Unwanted Homosexuality Beneficial [weblink]

8. NY Bishop Tells Politician: Same-Sex "Marriage" Stance is "Non-negotiable" for Practicing Catholic [weblink]

9. Pro-Life Democrats Unite to Protect Unborn Children in Healthcare Restructuring [weblink]

10. Catholic Actress Farrah Fawcett Dies [weblink]

11. Movie Continues to Save Lives [weblink]

Quote for the week:

"Don't say you have a chaste mind if you have unchaste eyes, because an unchaste eye is the messenger of an unchaste heart." - St. Augustine

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