Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meditations From Carmel

A million thanks to one of the sisters in our community for sending me the link to this wonderful treasure trove of Carmelite meditations on prayer. If you are tired already of reading my posts (which I hope you're not) and are looking for something refreshing, this one is for you.

Meditations from Carmel are short audio meditations in mp3 format which are meant to lead a soul into prayer. The meditations are taken directly from the writings of the Church Doctors of Prayer and Masters of the Spiritual Life like St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and St. Therese of Lisieux as well as many other Carmelites you may not have known before!

You can download the mp3 files to your computer and load them up to your iPod or mp3 player. Below are some of the samples you can find on the Meditations from Carmel website:

St. John of the Cross

1. Ascent of Mt. Carmel
2. Sayings of Light and Love

St. Teresa of Avila

1. The Book of Her Life
2. The Way of Perfection
3. Interior Castle
4. Degrees of Infused Prayer
5. Spiritual Testimonies

St. Therese of Lisieux

1. Prayers and Meditations
2. Act of Oblation to Merciful Love
3. Baptism
4. Interior Lights
5. Infinite Beauty
6. Refresh Me
7. Mountain of Love
8. Story of a Soul
9. Love Breeds Love
10. Prayer to Obtain Humility

I hope that these prayer tools will help us deepen our own prayer life. To obtain the complete list, please click the links provided above. To access and download Catholic mp3 audios, videos, and podcasts on a variety of topics including same-sex attraction, visit www.catholicaudio.blogspot.com.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this meditation audios..I have been searching audios like these and thanks God I find them here..

  2. You are very much welcome. Thanks for linking our blog to yours. God bless.