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Psychogenetics-Gestalt Therapy Primer

This post about Psychogenetics and Gestalt Therapy is for the benefit of those who maybe interested to undergo this retreat under the guidance of Fr. Ed Fugoso, SVD. Included here are some basic information and the actual brochure/pamphlet of the Psychogenetics program.

Have you experienced the heartbreak of a failed relationship? Do you long to transform an unfulfilling relationship, or hope to ensure that your marriage lasts? Do you hesitate to commit or fear yet another failure? Do you suffer from present marital/family relationships?

If you belong to a religious community do you have problems in community life?

You can now learn the key in improving your relationships at home and/or in workplace and cease to become victims of the negative imprints learned from childhood.

Dear Friends,

This is to invite you to join the many appreciative and enlightened participants of Psychogenetics Retreat Weekends which I facilitate regularly since December 2004. The retreat weekends are being held regularly at SVD Retreat House inside Divine Word Seminary compound, Tagaytay City.

Psychogenetics is a scientific approach to understanding the influence of our parents and ancestors in our adult-adult relationships. It was developed in 1992 by Anne Teachworth, founder of Gestalt Institute of New Orleans. The retreat is a psycho-spiritual experience that will help participants to discover how under stress we regress to the child that we were and how we can eventually cut-off ourselves from negative trans- generational patterns that are not helpful in our adult-adult relationships.

Single participants will be helped in choosing correctly their marital life partners and not just automatically fall for the person who will not be good for them. Through the History of Family Origin Test (also called Selection Test) they will know BEFORE and NOT AFTER how their partners will behave after marriage. Religious, priests, nuns, and those in formation or rehabilitation will be helped in improving their self-awareness towards improving relationships in community life.

For couples who have been suffering in their present marital relationships the retreat will help them stop committing the same mistakes of their parents' unhappy and troublesome relationship. For separated spouses they will understand the psychogenetic reason outside the issues of conflict that made separation inevitable. For other singles or couples they may discover new ways to improve their current relationship. The Word of God will further help participants see the "ups" and "downs" of their life's journey.


This retreat is open for singles (at least 18 years old), religious, married, divorced, separated, with annulled marriage or simply abandoned. Discover your own trans-generational patterns and start new patterns of behavior that will help you establish better kind of relationships.

Cost of retreat weekend per person is P1, 500 inclusive of 5 meals, 2 snacks, and overnight lodging. A regular group of participants ranges from 15-30 persons. Special dates and discounted cost can be arranged for groups and communities of more than 30 persons. Retreats in provinces will cost P10,000 plus cost of round trip plane fare for the facilitator.

You can easily confirm your participation by sending your complete name and chosen date to my celphone number (0917-541-4330) or email address: edfugoso2002@

Until there is a better way later to make reservation we ask retreat participants in Manila & Tagaytay to deposit retreat fee to a particular bank account that will be sent to you via text message.

The retreat sessions begin on a Saturday 9 AM after breakfast which is served at 8-8.30AM. Retreat ends on Sunday noon after the 11 AM closing Mass. Sometimes for non-availability of SVD Retreat House other venues will be indicated to you upon initial communication with me.

If you are called to this kind of retreat "God will make a way". Rest assured that this is not a New Age thing as others may suspect it to be.


Fr. Ed Fugoso, SVD/Retreat/Healing Ministry



8.00- Breakfast
8.30- Room assignments
9.00 - Getting to know you
9.30- Lectio Divina- The Road to Emmaus
10.30- Small Group Sharing
11.00- Principles of Psychogenetics
12.00 - LUNCH/Siesta
2.30PM Selection Test/History of Family Origin Inventory
3.00 Principles of Gestalt Therapy
4.00 Snacks
4.30 Open Forum
5.15 Reimprinting/ Star Trek Model
6.00 Gestalt Therapy / Role Play
6.30 Open Forum
7.00 Dinner
8.15 Holy Hour/ Sacrament of Reconciliation


6.30AM Lauds
7.00 Breakfast
8.15 Imagination Activity/Journey Into Childhood
9.00 Understanding Our Parents�Dance With Father�
10.00 Snacks
10.15 Empty Chair Technique/Sharing of GSPF
11.00 Closing Mass
12.00 LUNCH/Picture Taking/GOODBYE

*Attire during the retreat is informal and comfortable. You can wear sandals or slippers during the sessions.


1. To SVD Retreat House and Arnoldus Zentrum:

a) From South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) take Sta. Rosa EXIT and upon reaching Tagaytay Ridge and market turn RIGHT towards Tagaytay Rotonda. After passing road signs of Dominican House of Prayer, Cellar Mansions and before Estancia Hotel turn RIGHT to WELCOME

San Jose Baranggay Road
. Go down that winding road and to your left is big walled property of Divine Word Seminary compound after passing San Pablo Seminary at your left and and SVD Postulancy to your right.

b) From Baclaran going to Tagaytay through

Aguinaldo Highway turn left to SVD Road before reaching Pink Sister's Convent and Tagaytay Rotonda. Notice the store Amira's Buco Tarts and tricycles on the left road corner. About half a kilometer away on your right is Divine Word Seminary compound. Ask seminary gate guard for direction.

Retreat Description

For too long the current basis for couple or parenting counseling has been the belief that a couple's problems stem from the unfinished business with one of their parents. Instead we find that the problem often lies with the parents's troubled relationship with each other.

This retreat will demonstrate the effects of unconsciously imprinted patterns and teach us how the couple's problems as husband-wife and parents are often an internalized template of the unfinished relationship business between their own parents and siblings from their own family of origin. Psychogenetics retreat is based on Anne Teachworth's book, Why We Pick the Mates We Do. The History of Family Origin Inventory also called Selection Test is an easy way to quickly identify hidden interactional problems. Learn what brings couples together in the first place, and what keeps them together now.

Participants will:

1. Be challenged to understand one's PAST & PRESENT situation and relationships in the light of the gospel.

2. Learn the definition and principles of Psychogenetics and Gestalt and its use in psychotherapy with couples, families and religious communities.

3. Learn what the Selection Test is, how to interpret it and design treatment plans that create future relationship success.

4. Be able to identify the hidden problems at the core of relationships and how to correct them.

5. Learn how to predict the landmines that will occur in a relationship BEFORE the couple marries instead of AFTER.

6. Learn the controlling impact of the Inner Couple Imprint on your children's adult-adult relationships.

7. Learn the value of rewriting and role playing your parents' relationship first as it was, and then as you wanted it to be.

8. Experience the healing satisfaction that occurs in you when you role play your childhood parents at peace with each other.

The Retreat Master

Fr. Ed Fugoso, SVD is a member of an international missionary religious congregation Society of the Divine Word. He was ordained at the Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City in 1983 and worked for seven years as a missionary in Ecuador, South America. His Philosophy and Theology seminary formation provided a good background for special biblical trainings at Nemi, Rome (1987) and Jerusalem, Israel (2006). His Gestalt Therapy training was at U.P.-Diliman under German professor Hans Lenard from 1999-2002, and Psychogenetics at Gestalt Institute of New Orleans under Anne Teachworth from 2003-2004. He is presently based at the SVD Retreat House, Tagaytay City and works full time in counseling and facilitating Psychogenetics Retreat.

His Professor:

Anne Teachworth, M.A, CPC., DAPA, received her fellowship from the Gestalt Institute of Houston in 1977 and founded the Gestalt Institute of New Orleans, Inc. Anne has presented workshops for the general public and therapists all over the United States, Canada and Europe.

For over 25 years, she has trained and supervised hundreds in the art, theory, skills and ethics of counseling. She has sponsored and co-led Gestalt workshops in New York City with one of her teachers, the late Laura Perls, co-developer of Gestalt Therapy.

For the past twenty-six years, Anne has maintained a full-time private practice in New Orleans and a part-time practice on the road with her out of town workshops and conferences. For her seminar-workshops and speaking engagements this year 2007 in New York , New Jersey , San Francisco , Austin , Texas and Rome please log on to her site Gestalt Institute of New Orleans.

"If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you've always gotten." - Anne Teachworth, developed Psychogenetics and founder of Gestalt Institute of New Orleans

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