Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discover Your Core Gifts

Our teaching last week was about discovering one's core gifts. It's actually a talk given by Bo Sanchez. If you buy his book How To Conquer Your Goliaths (see picture), you will get a free audio CD of his talk on core gifts.

Have you discovered your core gifts? Do you have an inkling on what is it that you are born to do? Frankly, I am still clueless although I have a very vague hint.

Clue #1: If you are not happy and satisfied with your job, you're not attuned to your core gifts. True? Aminin!

Clue #2: If you do not have some measure of personal satisfaction or success in what you are doing, maybe you are better off doing something else.

Clue #3: When you cease growing as a person and lose passion for living, you also risk burying and losing the gifts that you have. Our gifts are not just meant to benefit us; it should be put at the service of others.

Oh by the way I just invented those clues, but there is a grain of truth hidden in each of them. One important realization I got from the talk is that there is more to life than SSA. There are other facets of our life that we need to develop and cultivate in order for us to become mature and well-rounded persons. The challenge for me is to find out these gifts and nurture them because they are my passport to finding joy and fulfillment in my life.

Right now I cannot say that I love what I do 100%. I pray that the searching will finally come to an end and I long to discover my place under the sun. Only then will I cease existing and start living.

What are your core gifts? Dig deep and search for it.

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