Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daddy D's Journey with Courage

I consider the following as the highlights of my Courage journey for the year 2010.

Highlight # 1 – Teachings and Talks on the following:
  1. The Courage Journey of Fr. John Harvey.
  2. The True Masculine/True Feminine.
  3. Spiritual Warfare in Community with personal sharing by Fr. David Clay.
  4. Building Up a True Christian Family with sharing of Bro. Biboy on his family and life experiences has deepened my understanding and conviction of God's fatherly love.
  5. Discovering Your Core Gift - the audio presentation by Bo Sanchez especially his 20%-80% insight was instilled in my mind - that my SSA is not the whole of me; it's just my 20%.
  6. Responding to the Homosexual Agenda - the presentation and talk have given deeper understanding of my SSA struggles.
These talks, teachings, personal sharing and interactions have deeply touched and enlightened me spiritually and intellectually. I should be more persevering and steadfast in the pursuit of Courageous life.

Highlight # 2 – Lenten recollection at the Anawim Community with Fr. Dan

“Knowing the Father’s Heart” has revealed to me and deeply reinforced my trust and complete surrender to God’s unconditional fatherly love. This has also been reiterated by talks on the Father’s Love in our parish

Highlight # 3 – Retreat at St. Joseph In Manila

I have experienced strong and deep spiritual bonding with my Courage brethren during this retreat through the prayer of examen, the prayer of blessing, prayer exercises, group sharing and fellowship with intercessory prayers

Highlight # 4 – Outreach to Hospice of St. John of God and Sampaguita Medium Security Prisons

The experience made me realize that my SSA struggles are really not that significant when compared to the other good things I can do for others in whatever little ways I can help them, if only I should think less of myself and open my heart to others. Related to this, I thank God for leading me back and welcoming me to the Legion of Mary in our parish to show me that extending a helping hand to others even in a very small way far outweighs my SSA struggles and anxieties.

Highlight # 5 – Sharing Meetings, Sacrament Sundays and Fellowship with my Courage Brethren

These have reinforced my conviction that I am not alone and that there are others who care to reflect God’s love and compassion. These are moments of joy and celebration worth looking forward to with blessed anticipation.

Together with my Courage brethren we can overcome our frailties and weaknesses with the help of our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and all the angels, archangels and saints. Truly, the communion of saints has been manifested in our Courage journey. God’s mercy, compassion and love have been showered abundantly in spite my innumerable falls, my stiff-necked attitude and pride.

Thank God for His immense kindness and providence, His boundless patience and understanding. I pray that our Courage support group continue to pursue our spiritual longings with endurance and steadfastness. I am thankful to our pastor- brother and our priest-ministers, collaborators and benefactors. May God bless us all as we embark on another Courage journey in 2011.

Praise glory and thanksgiving to the Blessed Trinity now and forever. Amen!

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