Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Member's Journey with Courage

Sometime in August last year when I decided to stride my first foot forward and finally commence the journey that would change my life forever. It was a flight different from the others I used to go over because it required of me painstaking decisions that in the process I had to die to myself which in all cases had never been easy. It was too difficult that I necessarily had to be with people who just like me made the resolution of going through a metamorphosis for the better. Thanks and praise be to God for I found them and my going up and below my personal struggles of SSA with Courage began.

“Journey with Courage” – this phrase by itself would not capture what I did and how I feel as I embrace this winding travel. On the other hand, it means otherwise for I am enveloped by thick clouds of fears, of doubts and of apprehensions. The fact that I feel this way also meant that the road ahead of me was vague, darkened by my own blindness thereby causing me to stumble and fall every now and then. I could not help myself for this was how it was even before. Actually, this is even better for in my past I would have myself stuck in the mud and would never move nor look up because I thought that there’s no other way but to drown. When my journey started, I began to crawl. It was so slow like healing a wound of a diabetic person without taking in proper medication. Hopeless. However, I knew and I have my faith on it that even though it seems untraceable, I am able to move forward. Now and forever, God is good for whenever I look back I realize that I have been somewhere away from my old self. Not the way I wished I was like yet but in God’s own time, I will be the kind of person I should be.

It had been a year of journey with Courage and I know that a long, a very long road still waits for me to take. Hence, a road that will never end until the very last breath of my life is the real path I am on the way. The difference now is that I don’t just have people with me but little by little I’m learning to take Courage as a way of life. Thanks be to God.


A Letter to Jesus by Another Member

Dear Jesus,

It’s been nine (9) months since I’ve started resuming my journey back to manhood and I would say that I’m stronger now. I have resisted a lot of trials and snares of the devil but I know that there were also a lot of fallbacks. There were also times that I feel that I am alone with this battle and that I will not be able to defeat the enemy but You stood by Me. With the help of my brothers and sisters in Courage, I remain in this journey. Please help me to be patient and to learn to love myself more.


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