Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly News (Fourth Week of March 2011)

1. Pope Urges RH Bill Foes Not To Give Up

MANILA, March 25, 2011—Pope Benedict XVI called on Catholics to strengthen and not to give up the fight against any “attacks” to life and the family. [Read More]

2. Holy See Stresses Moral Dimension of Sexuality

GENEVA, Switzerland, MARCH 24, 2011 ( The Holy See is underlining the moral dimension of sexuality, affirming the freedom of the person in acting in this realm. [Read More]

3. Info Missing From Survey Claiming Catholic Support For Gay ‘Marriage’

Washington D.C., Mar 26, 2011 / 07:19 am (CNA).- A survey claiming majority U.S. Catholic support for same-sex “marriage” shows some differences with the “gold standard” of social surveys and did not report important information like the margin of error. [Read More]

4. Apple Pulls Ex-’Gay’ iPhone App after Lobbying Campaign by Hateful Homosexual Activists

On Wednesday, Apple Inc. succumbed to a web-based homosexual lobbying blitz demanding that it drop an “app” for the ex-”gay” ministry Exodus International from its iPhone. [Read More]

5. Filipinos Rally Against Birth Control

Hundreds of thousands of Filipino Catholics rallied today in a show of force against a proposed reproductive health law. [Read More]

6. Glee: Promoting Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education Agenda

Question: Besides MTV’s “Skins”, what TV show today is arguably corrupting our youth and promoting homosexual behavior and sexual activity more than any other? Answer: the heavily promoted and what I find to be aggressively immoral Tuesday night youth indoctrination hour, ‘Glee’. [Read More]

7. Contraception Underlying Cause of Breakdown of Family, Sexual Morality, Says Expert

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 25, 2011 ( – Contraception is the underlying factor responsible for today’s scourge of unwed pregnancies, single-parent families, sexually transmitted diseases, deficient fatherhood, and high abortion rate, says a prominent family expert. [Read More]

8. ‘Catholic,’ ‘Christian’ Gay Projects Funded by Homosexualist Billionaire

March 25, 2011 ( - Top ‘gay-rights’ groups claiming to represent Christians and Catholics, and at least one Jesuit-run college, are being funded by a major homosexualist business magnate with the aim of stirring up dissent within the ranks of the church. [Read More]

9. Premarital Sex Declines: That’s a Problem?

The Centers for Disease Control released a new study on March 3 reporting a significant decline in premarital sexual activity for teenagers and young adults. You might think the news would provoke universal rejoicing, but you’d be wrong. [Read More]

10. The Truth About Love

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Human love and divine love go hand in hand, and separating the two leads to problems that create alienation within and outside the Church, said the papal preacher. [Read More]

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