Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly News (Third Week of March 2011)

1. Bishops Worldwide Affirm Solidarity With Japan

OSAKA, Japan, MARCH 17, 2011 ( The disastrous March 11 earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan has elicited a major show of solidarity from bishops worldwide. [Read More]

2. CBCP to Hold Mass For Anti-RH Bill Lawmakers

MANILA, March 18, 2011— The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines will celebrate the Holy Eucharist next week to recognize the efforts to block the passage of the reproductive health (RH) bill. [Read More]

3. US Bishops Emphasize Booklet on 'Marriage Equality' Is Not Catholic

Washington D.C., Mar 16, 2011 / 02:46 am (CNA).- The U.S. bishops have said that a new booklet advocating “marriage equality” for same-sex couples by a self-identified Catholic group strongly contradicts Church teaching. [Read More]

4. New Bible Draws Critics of Gender-Neutral Language

In the old translation of the world's most popular Bible, John the Evangelist declares: "If anyone says, 'I love God,' yet hates his brother, he is a liar." Make that "brother or sister" in a new translation that includes more gender-neutral language and is drawing criticism from some conservatives who argue the changes can alter the theological message. [Read More]

5. Schools Can Stop Bullying without Promoting Homosexuality or Gender Confusion [Read More]

6. Who is Baby Joseph Maraachli and Why Should I Care?

The world has taken notice of a 14-month old baby from Canada whose family has been fighting the medical establishment since October to help their child breathe. [Read More]

7. The Beauty of Love: Key for Education in Sexual Purity

How does theology of the body’s teaching on chastity affect pastoral practice, and how do we teach and live chastity as a result? [Read More]

8. Despite Tsunami Warnings, Thousands Rally Against ‘Reproductive Health’ Bill in Philippines

MAASIN CITY, Philippines, Thursday March 17, 2011 ( - In the midst of torrential rain and a warning of a potential tsunami from last Friday’s earthquake in Japan, over 7,000 faithful from various parishes in the Diocese of Maasin gathered on March 12 to proclaim their opposition to the government’s so-called reproductive health (RH) bill. [Read More]

9. Catholic Bishop: Battle For Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Destroying U.S. Democracy

OAKLAND, California, March 16, 2011 ( – The leader of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ committee tasked with defending marriage this week stated that political elites in the United States are subverting democracy and using the issue of same-sex “marriage” to consolidate power into their hands, away from the people. [Read More]

10. Time to 'Go to Joseph'

St. Joseph is so quiet, so humble — and often so forgotten. But, while instituting a new feast for him in 1955, Pius XII advised, “Thus, if you wish to be close to Christ, we again today repeat, ‘Go to Joseph!’” [Read More]

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