Friday, June 3, 2011

Anti-RH Bill Prayer Vigil at Batasan

Forwarded e-mail from Pro-Life Philippines.

As our means of a peaceful but meaningful protest against the ratification of the RH Bill, PRO-LIFE PHILIPPINES FOUNDATION, INC. and SOLDIERS OF CHRIST CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC COMMUNITY will hold a prayer vigil at Payatas Plaza in front of the House of Representatives Main Gate, Batasan Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

Registration and praying of the rosary will commence at 9:00 pm of June 6 followed by the celebration of the Mass at 10:00. Several worship activities take place at 11:30, then at 12:00 midnight post-abortive women and women in other difficult situations will share their experiences. The event is set to culminate at 3:00 am of June 7.

We are calling on all pro-life groups to at least be represented in this endeavor.

Participants are advised to wear blue or white and to bring candles and rosaries during the prayer activities. Pro-life banners and posters will be highly appreciated.

For more details, dial 733-7027 or 734-9425. You can also tune in to Radyo Veritas 846 for further announcements.

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