Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly News (Third Week of June 2011)

1. Benedict XVI Urges Spouses to Pray Together

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 15, 2011 ( Many couples might arrive to their wedding day without ever having prayed together, but Benedict XVI is urging spouses to join together in prayer so that their love can be "ever truer and lasting." [Read More]

2. Pope Appoints 3 Filipino Prelates

MANILA, June 16, 2011— In what could be a very rare occasion, Pope Benedict XVI has appointed three Filipino prelates in a day. [Read More]

3. Fatherhood Is Both Gift and Responsibility — Prelate

NAGA City, June 18, 2011―Paying tribute to fathers on Father’s Day, Caceres Archbishop Leonardo Z. Legaspi, OP said fatherhood is both a gift and a responsibility because it includes “the power to bring forth life, [and] a participation in the creative act of God.” [Read More]

4. New Video Defends Catholic View of Marriage

Washington D.C., Jun 17, 2011 / 05:43 am (CNA).- A new video gives married couples’ reflections on marriage issues, the place of children and the complementary nature of the union of a man and a woman. Openness to children, it says, has a “major impact” on the Catholic view towards proposals to redefine marriage. [Read More]

5. Importance of Fathers' Family Focus

Girls who are well-fathered are not as insecure and are less likely to give in to sexual pressure -- and boys who are well-connected to their dads learn how to channel their masculine energy. [Read More]

6. Openly Homosexual CNN Anchor Don Lemon Was Molested as Boy [Read More]

7. Doctor Exposes The Evil Behind The Pill

I have prescribed “the Pill” since 1978. My wife and I used the Pill for years, having no moral concerns about it. Then, in 1995 my friend and practice partner John Hartman, MD, showed me a patient information brochure—given to him by a friend—that claimed the Pill had a postfertilization effect causing “ . . . the unrecognized loss of preborn children.” [Read More]

8. Poll: 62% of Americans Say Marriage Is One Man, One Woman, Nothing Else

June 17, 2011 ( – A recent national research survey has found that 62% of American adult respondents believed that “marriage should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman.” Fifty-three percent of the respondents strongly agreed, while only 35% disagreed. [Read More]

9. America or North Korea? New York Archbishop Issues Stinging Gay ‘Marriage’ Rebuke

NEW YORK, June 15, 2011 ( – The leader of New York’s Catholics told New York lawmakers that communist governments presume to redefine fundamental rights and basic social institutions like the family, and that New York would be importing that mentality by passing same-sex “marriage” legislation. [Read More]

10. Understanding Sex Through the Mystery of the Trinity

To understand sex, I think you need to understand the Trinity. In the Trinity, God the Father loves God the Son, the Son is Beloved, and the manifestation of that Love is the Holy Spirit. [Read More]

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. " ~Author Unknown

Happy Father's Day!

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