Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly News (Second Week of June 2011)

1. Holy Spirit Will Make You Fearless, Pontiff Tells Youth

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 8, 2011 ( As the Church prepares for Sunday's celebration of Pentecost, Benedict XVI is telling young people that the Holy Spirit will make them "fearless witnesses of Christ." [Read More]

2. Student Leaders Boost Formation of Fellow Youth on RH Bill

MANILA, June 9, 2011―The student leaders of CATALYST, the outreach organization of the University of Asia and the Pacific, are making use of the lull in Congress to concentrate on strengthening the formation of the youth. [Read More]

3. Fighting For Traditional Marriage in NYC

Evangelicals in The Big Apple are rallying against the mayor's push for legalizing same-sex "marriage." [Read More]

4. Fight Against AIDS Should Combat Promiscuity, Expert Says

Rome, Italy, Jun 7, 2011 / 05:58 pm (CNA).- Father Juan Jose Perez-Soba recently argued that AIDS prevention campaigns do not attack the root of the problem because they fail to combat promiscuity. Instead, he added, they focus on promoting condom use. [Read More]

5. Doctors: Homeopathy Not the Cure for Homosexuality

BARCELONA, Spain, JUNE 7, 2011 ( The World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC) is not associated with a German group that claims homeopathic treatments will cure homosexuality, a statement confirmed today. [Read More]

6. On Father’s Day, Remember Dads Get No Say in Abortion On Father’s Day

June is unofficially the month of men. Father’s Day falls on June 17th this year. The release of X-Men: First Class last week helped to begin the month with a testosterone-infused rush to the box office. [Read More]

7. Top Gay Rights Leader: Kids of Religious Families Are ‘Target Demographic’ of Anti-‘Gay Bullying’ Ad

June 10, 2011 ( - After the broadcast of a homosexualist advertisement during the family-friendly Fox show American Idol prompted outrage, the founder of the ad campaign has confirmed that such advertisements are intended to promote the message of the gay rights lobby to young children in households that normally wouldn’t support it. [Read More]

8. SDG Reviews 'The Tree of Life'

Is Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life a pretentious mess or a profound masterpiece?

A deeply religious meditation on grace, nature and the mystery of suffering, or a philosophically confused, contradictory muddle of themes and images? [Read More]

9. Bishops: Christians, Do Not Be Mediocre

MADRID, Spain (CNA) — The Spanish Bishops’ Conference reminded the baptized of their commitment to live the faith with authenticity and to not be content with mediocrity in the Christian life. [Read More]

10. Viewing the Church Through the Lens of the Holy Spirit

TORONTO, JUNE 7, 2011 ( Pentecost is the 50th day that signals the start of the universal mission of the Church -- a mission that overcomes human obstacles and has the Spirit as its driving force. The mighty breath of God and the fire of the Spirit's presence engulf the group of disciples gathered in prayer around Mary, Mother of the Lord in the upper room. [Read More]

"Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth."

Happy Pentecost Sunday!

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