Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly News (Fifth Week of Sept 2011)

1. Pontiff Proposes Silence for Communicators

World Communications Day Message Announced

VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 29, 2011 ( Benedict XVI is asking those professionally dedicated to spreading a message, to stop and hear a message: to be silent and welcome the Word of God. [Read More]

2. Contraceptive Use Keeps Husbands “From Respecting Wife’s Equilibrium” – NFP Trainor

MANILA, Sept. 27, 2011–Contraceptive sex tends to lead to the woman’s being treated by the man as a mere source of selfish pleasure, with little or no regard for her feelings, according to a natural family planning (NFP) teacher. [Read More]

3. Solons Come Out Against RH Bill

MANILA, Sept. 27, 2011–Nine young legislators have proclaimed their opposition to House Bill 4244 or the Reproductive Health (RH) bill in a statement released Monday through several broadsheets. [Read More]

4. Observers See Gay Agenda Threatening Religious Freedom

Denver, Colo., Sep 27, 2011 / 06:14 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Legalizing “gay marriage” is having major repercussions for religious freedom, according to observers of the latest developments. [Read More]

5. U.S.: Military Chaplains May Perform Same-Sex Unions

A conservative military watchdog is outraged over the Pentagon's announcement on Friday that military chaplains may perform same-sex unions, whether on or off a military installation. [Read More]

6. Mexico Supreme Court Upholds Second State Abortion Ban Law

The Mexico Supreme Court has delivered a second victory for pro-life advocates there just one day after upholding a first state law protecting unborn children from abortions by validating a second. [Read More]

7. UN Toys with Euthanasia, Considers New Treaty on Aging

NEW YORK, September 29 (C-FAM) - The Holy See condemned attempts to inject euthanasia into the right to health, and Latin American and Caribbean delegations called for a new UN treaty at two recent UN meetings on the rights of the elderly. [Read More]

8. Major Study: Changing Sexual Orientation is Possible

WHEATON, Illinois, September 29, 2011 ( - Therapists who favor normalizing homosexuality say that it is impossible to change sexual orientation, and that the attempt to change is inherently harmful. However, the final results of a long-term study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy has joined hundreds of other studies in concluding that such therapy is both possible and potentially well-indicated for many individuals. [Read More]

9. Petition Against PayPal Discrimination Reaches 7,400 Signatures - PayPal Stonewalls

September 28, 2011 ( – Despite the fact that more than 7,400 people have signed a petition asking PayPal not to succumb to pressure by homosexual activists, who are urging the company to eliminate Christian activists from its service, so far PayPal has issued no response. [Read More]

10. Modesty At Mass Is a Must

The importance of dressing for God, not the culture. [Read More]

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