Sunday, April 8, 2012

Christ Is Risen!

An excerpt from the book 'Experience in Eternity'

The Authoress entered Heaven

And thus I entered Heaven where each murmur was a prayer and the whole atmosphere was filled with incense. How splendid, vast and luminous it was. From all directions bright lights, illumined by the power of God, shone upon the worthy inhabitants of Paradise reunited to celebrate the grandiose feast.

I was greatly impressed by the garlands of flowers that adorned the altars before which incense mounted to God the Creator. What a marvelous feast. The hair of the female Saints were combed in different styles unlike anything on earth, but they were suave and perfumed. Their clothing was not of material, but of large scented leaves which glistened with the dew still on them. I heard the rustle of these leaves which even emitted tiny drops of dew. Others were dressed in velvet, not unlike the wings of gigantic butterflies. Some were wearing light blue, others light green, pink and pale primrose, lavender, etc. Each color denoted their different merits. The effect was stupendous as each Saint was surrounded by an aura of his own coloring. Then I saw beautiful angels dressed in pale blue with white wings, looking eternally youthful and joyous.

Then night fell around and over us like a somber veil. All eyes lifted with luminous expectancy as the choir chanted gently. “All is in Christ and Christ is in all.” The singing was so harmonious; it was indescribable. All waited in silence with their arms crossed over their hearts. In the distance was heard the rustling of wings as thousands of angels began singing, “Christ is risen.” All those present wept silently as the hymn, increasing in volume, recalled the Passion of Christ. The Universal Church sounded the Easter Hymn and all awaited with quiet emotion the approach of Christ.

The singing of the birds ceased; the angel choir also. Thousands of murmuring in the forest were suspended. Everything natural and of nature waited with bated breath for the Risen Christ. The joyous choir of the Cherubim chanted marvelously from on high in the heavens the first melody of Easter. Their little golden wings fluttered like petals with their delicate little heads slightly inclined as they surrounded the Risen Christ. Their voices were so gentle and lovely; they could only be classed as heavenly. There were myriad of these Cherubs, their fluttering wings and voices so splendid as to be impossible to describe. They filled the soul with such emotion that one wanted to weep and sing at the same time.

Then Christ, more resplendent and more brilliant than the sun, illuminated the whole environment. Roses in profusion surrounded the Cherubim who extended their little arms from behind their wings towards Christ. Our Lord’s blue eyes reflected such tender love with their radiance. His garments gave forth luminous rays. The Spirit of the Most High was triumphant over his enemies and all the heavenly inhabitants rejoiced. His countenance was truly illustrious. Their smiling faces greeted him with “Hail to our Glorious Savior” as the celestial music and trumpets intermingled. Again, it was indescribable. The musical notes were completely unknown to the human ear. The sweetness and sanctity of it elevated the soul with cheerfulness that one’s only desire was to give glory and thanks to the Lord God. The choirs alternated in response to the Cherubim.

The Most Holy Virgin Mary placed herself at the feet of our Savior. Nearby was St. Michael the Archangel who carried a luminous cross. All were silent as the Archangel raised his voice, which came forth like streams of lightning, saying “Christ has Risen”. Millions of souls replied “Truly, He has Risen. Alleluia!”

I saw a Saint whose appearance reminded me of someone that I had known a long time ago pass me. Trembling with emotions I listened to the multitude of voices repeating and chanting, “Christ has Risen, Alleluia!” The Cherubim flew around in jubilance, joyously chanting the bliss of eternal life. The chanting filled me with ecstatic joy. The Just know that thousands of years in Heaven is likened to a day. The music of harps was heard throughout the Heavenly court, filled with joyous canticles of love and praise.

The culmination of the great Feast was the encounter of friends and relatives. It was not like our meeting on earth. These pure spirits have feelings that vibrate to the other soul. Paradise is impregnated with this sacred love and I watched brother meet sister in an atmosphere that was electric with vibration. There was no need for words; each soul was transparent and had nothing to hide. Whereupon one friend or relative encountered another, their haloes intermingling and becoming more radiant, not forgetting first to praise the Lord. I saw men and women of different nations and cultures meet others who lived long ago prior to themselves; yet all felt united in the Lord.

The whole environment was radiant with luminous rays from the love of the Creator. What other love can be compared to this? God is love. He bestowed this great gift which is sacred, elevated and non-terrestrial. Intoning hymns of praise, two souls encountered each other, and then flew off in a state of ecstatic love. My companion said, “Without love, Heaven would not be perfect.” So it has been said, “Those who have loved on earth will be united after death.” I said to him, “You promised to show me my parents on the great Feast Day.” He replied, “How is it that you did not see them? Look they are there.” Then I recognized my parents. I felt such emotion, tenderness and an infinite love for them. But they disappeared suddenly.

Glancing at everyone I observed how happy and intelligent they were. No one had any problem or required any counsel because God has given them light to know His decrees; hence, all were content. If God was to offer a beggar a kingdom on earth, he would beg and beg sincerely to remain in Heaven with celestial joy. Oh, how sweet life is hereafter. As the hymns of benediction mounted, Christ spoke to all the elect but no one approached His Sacred Person.

Intercession of the Blessed Virgin for the Living

At this point the Holy Virgin addressed Her Divine Son with this prayer, “O Lord and Savior, a whole nation has fallen under the reign of the cruel enemy. To whom shall they implore for deliverance from these chains? Thou alone, O Christ the Savior, can lift the dark and painful existence from them through Thy Grace and Mercy. Save and protect them, O Lord. Give them light and guide them in their dark days of enslavement. Give clemency to those exiles. Deliver them from their trials. They implore me in their helplessness. Thy great Mercy is greater than their faults.” Thus prayed Holy Mother Mary.

Then a Saint, adorned in a golden habit, knelt before Christ and stretching out his arms he prayed thus: “O Lord, recalling Thy victorious Resurrection on this illuminating day, give liberty to the people thou has entrusted to my care. Enliven their faith and guide them to the true faith. Lord be merciful to my people of Russia who weep. I was there to see how fervently they implore Thy mercy, except for the few impious, O Christ Savior of the world. Thou art all powerful. Help my people.”

I was feeling admiration when I recognized my sovereign Emperor praying before God. He added, “O Lord, forgive us all, we are thine inheritance.” Christ then spoke of eternal life and we listened attentively. The words of Our Lord were so elevated and profound that in my earthly state and limitation, I could not relate it although my soul understood. One cannot listen to Christ’s words without being elevated. Such was the mystery on this glorious Feast of Easter. Our Holy Mother, in all Her resplendent glory assumed Her place beside Her Divine Son. My Emperor then said, “Thy Divine Will and Wisdom are greater than I.” Then a wave of enthusiasm seized us all and Christ ascended higher. But where? A mystery! This mystery the soul cannot solve, nor can the eye see where God dwells.

Christ mounted higher and higher with Him His Holy Mother who was marvelously splendid in her majesty. They disappeared in this sea of light. The beatified sang, “Glory to Thee, O infinite Lord, Sun and Breath of Paradise. Thy brilliance never obscures the breath of our lives. We see through our spiritual sight the universe of Thy Kingdom. Thy gaze is like an arrow that pierces each soul and directs its destiny. Thy eternal beauty is reflected in the miracle of each star which you designed in Your infinite Wisdom in the Sacred Order of Heaven.”

Such was the hymn sung by the Angelic Choirs as Christ ascended higher and higher until He had disappeared into Mystery. Then all the beatified flew, one toward another, children towards their parents, friends towards friends, husbands towards wives while others descended to earth to visit their dear ones. I am unable to describe the nature of the ecstatic excitement that took place which, itself, cannot be made known. If men could only know what takes place in Heaven, they would constantly pray for death because one joy follows another endlessly. I cannot relate more other than the fact that I was greatly privileged to visit Heaven.

A Joyous Easter To All!

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