Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly News (Fourth Week of May 2012)

1. Pope: Growing Up Without a Dad Affects Concept of God

Says Christ Shows Us Who a Father Is and What a True Father Is Like

VATICAN CITY, MAY 23, 2012 ( Benedict XVI says that people today might have difficulty understanding the fatherhood of God, due to the prevalent problem in our culture of a lack of fathers in children's lives. [Read More]

2. ‘Sex Issues’ Top Youth Problem — Survey

MANILA, May 26, 2012―The most urgent concern of young people today are sex-related issues like pre-marital sex and teen pregnancies, according to a recent survey among Catholic youth ministers in the country. [Read More]

3. What Gets The Vote Is What Lawmakers Will Push – Bishop Cruz

MANILA, May 16, 2012–Retired Archbishop Emeritus Oscar V. Cruz, Judicial Vicar of the National Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal (NAMT), yesterday warned that advocates of same-sex unions will not get the support from Filipino voters in the coming elections. [Read More]

4. Why Gay Is Not the New Black

You can't compare skin color and behavior -- and skin color is innate and immutable; sexual orientation is not. And those are just two reasons. [Read More]

5. Hey Pro-Lifers: Six Things NOT to Do To End Abortion

For nearly forty years, pro-lifers have fought the infamous legality of abortion in our nation. We have seen victories and failures, progress and setbacks. We have seen more strides made in this movement in the last two years than we’ve ever seen in the past. [Read More]

6. Cardinal Schonborn: A Faithful Catholic Minority Can Re-Convert Europe

Rome, Italy, May 26, 2012 / 06:03 am (CNA).- Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna believes the small but growing number of faithful Catholic families in Europe can win the continent back to the Christian faith. [Read More]

7. The Strange Diffidence of Pro-Family Leaders on Homosexuality versus Pro-Life Issues

MADRID, Spain–Attending the Sixth World Congress of Families put on by the Howard Center, I am struck once again by the enormous gulf between the international pro-life groups and leaders that have assembled here — with their tremendous progress, momentum and cultural influence — and the diffident, ambiguous and defensive posture of pro-family groups and leaders opposing organized homosexuality. [Read More]

8. Parents Are Happier Than Non-Parents: Study

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 25, 2012 ( – Researchers at three North American universities have found that people who have children “report relatively higher levels of happiness, positive emotion, and meaning in life” than people who do not. [Read More]

9. No Evidence That Anti-Bullying Legislation Works: New Report

OTTAWA, May 24, 2012 ( - With legislation to combat bullying in schools currently being hotly debated in Ontario, and with many other provinces promising to consider such legislation, an investigation into anti-bullying policies and legislation across North America by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC) has found that the effectiveness of these policies remains unproven. [Read More]

10. My Catholic Kid is Gay! Now What??

In a previous article, I detailed my ongoing struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA) as I live out my vocation as a Catholic wife and mother. From that perspective, I’d like to share what I think is an authentically loving response to what strikes fear into the hearts of most faithful Catholic parents: your son or daughter coming out as a gay man or lesbian. [Read More]

11. Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Happy Pentecost Sunday!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lady Gaga Exposes the Philippines

What can we learn about the moral state of our nation from the recent Lady Gaga concert? Anthony Perez of Pro-Life Philippines exposes the elephant in the room that is slowly eroding the moral fabric of our society.

e have spent the past few days trying to inform and educate everyone on who Lady Gaga is, what her shows and songs are all about, and why the supposedly sold-out concerts should not push through. In the end, it was Lady Gaga who exposed our nation and gave us a picture of something we knew all along but was just too proud to admit: that we may have the trappings of a largely Christian nation, but deep inside, we are falling apart. Like a majestic Church from the outside, but inside are cracks on the walls and columns.

In the past two articles I have mentioned something about the venom spewed out by church-haters and liberals against us who uphold what is true and just.

Below are but some of the comments which I got from a popular social networking site, on one of the pages that report the news:

Perhaps the most difficult question I had to answer in the midst of this controversy was: What is wrong with Lady Gaga?

What is wrong with Lady Gaga?

For many of us Pro-Lifers, the question is a simple one. It’s so simple and so basic that it’s that hard to explain. It’s like explaining to someone how to breathe.

When society is no longer able to distinguish what is right and wrong, what is true art and what is ugly, then that society has lost its soul.

At the end of the day, long after Gaga has left the country and the issue has died down, we are still faced with a problem that goes beyond Gaga and her supporters: a society that has turned away from God and its inherited values to embrace moral relativism, while the rest who still call themselves devout Catholics and Christians are, for the larger part, are deep in the slumber of indifference.

Why is there a prevalence of indifference and hostility towards religion and the Church, even from within? There could be a lot of reasons, but let me cite one: the failure of parents and our Catholic schools to pass on the faith to our children.

That, and not Lady Gaga, is the real problem we should address from now on. If we are successful in doing so, a thousand Gagas may come to the country and she will be hard-pressed in selling her tickets to a nation that has truly embraced its Christian baptism and identity.

Kudos to the Biblemode protestors, led by Bishop Benny Abante, who braved not only the rain but heavy criticism that was thrown their way at the height of their protests. They understood the issue and exercised their freedom of expression in order to protest someone who makes a mockery of the very same freedom. They understood that religious symbols should be kept sacred, and respected to say the least.

Kudos to all who have, in one way or another, helped us disseminate information and passed around our blogs and articles. This was a fight that we just can’t sit out; in the words of Pro-Life Philippines President Eric Manalang: “It doesn’t matter if it’s one against a thousand. We will fight, and we fight until the end.”

Now the difficult task of re-educating and evangelizing our society has come. Lady Gaga, like every great tragedy that has befallen mankind, is a reminder that we can become better than what we are now. Let’s not forget to share Christ to our families, to our communities; to those who have become lukewarm in their faith, and to those who live in darkness and have turned away from the light.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly News (Third Week of May 2012)

1. Pope Outlines Power of the Holy Spirit In Prayer

Vatican City, May 16, 2012 / 03:58 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict XVI says Christians should avail themselves to the Holy Spirit in prayer – particularly when they cannot find the words or inspiration to pray. [Read More]

2. How the Gay-Marriage Mob Slimed Manny Pacquiao

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is guilty -- of being true to his Catholic faith. The gay-marriage mob is guilty -- of the very ugly bigotry it claims to abhor. And left-wing media outlets are guilty -- of stoking false narratives that shamelessly demonize religion in the name of compassion. [Read More]

3. Superficial Idea of Beauty May Be Seen in Natural Born Men’s Desire to Be Beauty Titlists

MANILA, May 14, 2012—While same-sex “marriage” supporters in the United States attempt to put homosexual unions and holy matrimony on equal footing, the issue on Philippine shores recently has been the idea of admitting men – albeit physically altered – into beauty pageants for women in the name of equality. The issue, however, may indicate a lack of respect for women and a superficial understanding of beauty. [Read More]

4. Law Professor Says Flawed View of Sex Threatens Religious Freedom

Washington D.C., May 18, 2012 / 04:09 am (CNA).- A law professor at George Mason University believes that current threats to religious freedom are intrinsically connected to the modern understanding that “sexual freedom is about shaping yourself.” [Read More]

5. Study Proves Banning Abortion Doesn’t Hurt Women’s Health

A new study which demonstrates that abortion restrictions in Chile have improved maternal mortality outcomes has received a lot of attention from pro-life blogs and websites. [Read More]

6. Despite Threat of Fine From Eurocrats, Moscow Government Again Prohibits ‘Gay Pride’ Parade

May 18, 2012 ( - The Moscow city government has declined to issue a permit for a “gay pride” parade for the seventh year in a row, defying a European Court of Human Rights ruling against the city in 2010 that resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in fines. [Read More]

7. Lady Gaga Warned to Tone Down Philippine Show

MANILA: Lady Gaga was warned Friday to refrain from nudity, lewd conduct and blasphemy when her Asian tour reaches the Philippines next week, after her controversial act was banned by neighboring Indonesia. [Read More]

8. Finding Balance in Personal and Professional Life

Saturday Book Pick: Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction, by Matthew Kelly [Read More]

9. Would Jesus Approve of Same-Sex 'Marriage'?

It was one thing for President Obama to call for the legalization of same-sex marriage. But it was quite another to say that it's Jesus who causes him to embrace this position. [Read More]

10. Contraceptives and the Environment

What the Pill Is Doing to Our Water Supply

When a new synthetic substance is created, or a naturally occurring substance is generated at greatly increased levels, the effects can be far longer-lasting and wider-reaching than its manufacturers predict or intend. [Read More]

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The 1st Catholic Social Media Summit

The 1st Catholic Social Media Summit with the theme "Ministering Grace to this Generation" is the perfect venue for Catholic bloggers, religious and lay people who use the social media and internet as an indispensable tool for the new evangelization. This is in response to the call of the Holy Father who encourages everyone to utilize the power of modern communication to proclaim the faith and Gospel message to the whole world.

The event is happening on July 14-15, 2012 at the Renaissance Convention Center, River Banks Center, Marikina City.

Registration Fee: P1,000

For more information, e-mail them at

Contact: 09164831443/09321469436/09228426820

Telefax: (02) 709-6486

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly News (Second Week of May 2012)

1. Pope Benedict Speaks About Power of Prayer In His Life

VATICAN, May 9, 2012 (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict XVI says he has been sustained during his seven years as pontiff by the prayers of people around the world. [Read More]

2. RH Bill Not a Priority For Legislators This Year, Says Lawyer

MANILA, May 10, 2012—The Reproductive health bill is no longer the priority issue for lawmakers this year, but the upcoming election is, according to an election lawyer. [Read More]

3. An Open Letter To The Catholics of The Philippines On The Concert of Lady Gaga

A few days from now, pop star Lady Gaga will be coming over for a concert. She is an artist that needs no introduction; but for those who are not aware, she is famous for her catchy tunes and has risen to fame for her even catchier persona, bordering on the scandalous and unconventional, to say the least. [Read More]

4. Cardinal Dolan: Obama's 'Gay Marriage' Support Undermines Society

.- Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan is charging President Barack Obama with undermining the “very cornerstone of society” by supporting “gay marriage.” [Read More]

5. Obama's 'Religious Left' Folly: Using the Bible to Justify Homosexual 'Marriage' [Read More]

6. Video of Mom Rejecting Abortion of Disabled Baby Thrills Facebook

A video of a mom who shares her account of rejecting suggestions that she have an abortion following the prediction from doctors that he unborn child would be born with disabilities is thrilling Facebook. [Read More]

7. Fill Out a Form And Change Your Gender: New Law Passed by Argentinean Congress

May 11, 2012 ( - A bill has been approved by the Argentinean National Congress permitting individuals to change their “gender identity” at will, defining themselves as male or female at their own discretion, regardless of their physiological sex, without the necessity of “sex-reassignment” surgery or hormonal treatment, and without the approval of a judge. [Read More]

8. The Asian Tiger, Japan, Is In Danger of Extinction

May 7, 2012 ( - Do you know any Japanese people? If you do, you had better look fast, because they’re an endangered species. [Read More]

9. Put The Mother in Motherhood

“Would Mother Mary put Jesus in day care?” This is the sobering question Dorothy Pilarski, Catholic mother, writer, television personality and speaker, has contemplated in her search for meaning and purpose in the vocation of motherhood in the modern world. [Read More]

10. Seeking The Kingdom

ROME, MAY 11, 2012 ( Every time we pray the Our Father we say “Thy Kingdom Come,” but how many really understand correctly what this kingdom is, asks Cardinal Donald Wuerl in a recently published book. [Read More]

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly News (First Week of May 2012)

1. Pope Warns Doctors of Relativism Impacting Medicine

.- Pope Benedict XVI used a May 3 address to doctors and medical students to warn that the spread of relativism is resulting in scientific advances having “unpredictable consequences.” [Read More]
2. HLI Documentary on PH Makes It to Int'l Pro-Life Film Fest

MANILA, April 29, 2012–A documentary produced by Human Life International (HLI) on the Philippines’ struggle for the preservation of the value of life and the family was selected as part of the roster of films that will be showcased in the second annual Life Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, from May 4 to 6. [Read More]

3. Youth Continue to Debunk Claims of Being Pro RH Bill

MANILA, May 1, 2012—Another member of the youth sector has brushed off the claims of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) that the youth will fiercely campaign against lawmakers who oppose the reproductive health bill currently pending in Congress. [Read More] 

 4. Groupon Now for Playboy?

An anti-pornography organization that has been leading a national boycott of Groupon says it appears the online deals company has doubled down on its support of porn. [Read More]

5. Japan Underpopulation So Bad Families Resort to "Rental Relatives"

Tokyo, Japan (CFAM/LifeNews) — Is family breakdown the cause or the cure for the global crisis of population decline? Two new articles in top foreign policy journals raise the question. [Read More]

6. Pro-Abortion and Pro-Homosexual Youth Lobby at UN Sent Home Empty Handed
 NEW YORK, May 4, 2012 ( - Youth activists arrived at the UN in droves last week in an attempt to hijack the 45th session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) by promoting homosexual rights and abortion. However, countries rejected their demands and produced a fairly balanced outcome document that focuses on more pressing youth concerns like education, employment, health and development. [Read More]

7.  God Is The Bigger Elvis

Mother Dolores Hart made headlines in February when a documentary about her life and vocation was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary short subject. [Read More]

8. Movie Review:  Marvel's The Avengers

Seemingly destined to haul in wads of cash at the box office, the ensemble adventure "Marvel's The Avengers" (Disney) will not disappoint fans of the comic books on which it's based. But it may prove problematic for the parents of some excited youngsters anxious to ride the juggernaut.  [Read More]

9.  Is It Really Okay To Laugh About Sex? [Read More]

10. Dealing with Death

Australian Bioethicist Reflects on Issues Involved

ROME, MAY 4, 2012 ( We will all die, and how we respond to illness and suffering says much about who we are, reflects Nicholas Tonti-Filippini in his recent book, “Caring for People Who are Sick or Dying,” (Connor Court Publishing). [Read More]

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miriam Quiambao Stands Up Against the LGBT Community

Well, I applaud Ms. Quiambao's courage to stand up for the truth. I support her conviction on the issue of not allowing transgenders to join a pageant that is meant for "real women". Miriam has nothing to apologize for what she said. The LGBT's reaction to her statement clearly shows who's got a problem.

c/o Anthony Perez, Prolife Philippines

Former Miss Universe runner-up and beauty queen Miriam Quiambao just did the unthinkable by making herself an enemy of the LGBT community.

She has caught the ire of the LGBT sector when she tweeted last  Sunday: “Homosexuality is not a sin but it is a lie from the devil. Do not be deceived. God loves gays and wants them to know the truth.”

This all started when she publicly disagreed with the Miss Universe Organization’s policy of accepting transgenders in the pageant. She fanned the flames further after a guest appearance on Boy Abunda’s talk show “The Bottomline” Saturday night on ABS-CBN in which she was quoted as saying, “Homosexuality is not the one that makes you a sinner. Actually, sexual immorality is what makes you a sinner.”

The backlash against Quiambao has been severe but not altogether surprising. Later that same day, Miriam also initially issued a qualified apology with the tweet, “I’m sorry if the truth offends some people…” before tweeting the more categorical, “I’m sorry LGBT. Perhaps I was too harsh with the words I used. Will do my best to be more sensitive.”

Quiambao is a born-again Christian who constantly uses Twitter in order to spread her faith.

No Apologies Necessary

It seems that some people have become so distorted in their view of the truth. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right. We are living in an upside-down world.

Miriam Quiambao has spoken the truth about homosexuality and that truth has hurt a lot of people. But in order to avoid the truth altogether, they take it on the messenger. There is nothing categorically wrong with what Ms. Quiambao said and therefore no apologies were needed, in my opinion. At the very least, all she did was to voice out what she thought of the homosexual lifestyle. In fact, she hit the nail right on its head as her Tweet contained the “love the sinner, hate the sin” message.

We need to rally behind Ms. Quiambao in order to tell her that she is not alone in her belief. To be truly pro-life we need to “put to rout all that is not life”, as Thoreau puts it. The homosexual lifestyle is a direct manifestation of the culture of death and is in direct conflict with God’s plan for humanity.

Double Standard

RH Activist Carlos Celdran has some of the most scathing tweets for Quiambao:  “When did you become a freakshow? Dahell? Didn’t see this one coming. Wow. You need help, woman.”

Celdran and the LGBT community are quick to cry ‘foul’ when it comes to ‘discrimination’ against homosexuals. Almost automatically, they unleash their verbal counter-attack, calling anyone who goes against their lifestyle ‘homophobic’ or ‘bigot’ or ‘hater’.

Herein lies the double standard.

They cry for equality and freedom of speech and expression when they go about their homosexual activities, but when it is our turn to express our disagreement over their lifestyle, we are then called bigots and haters. What they are saying is that we have to tolerate them and the homosexual culture that has already crept its way into the media and entertainment industry, but they cannot tolerate us when we disapprove of their actions.

The LGBT were free to express themselves. But Miriam cannot. Such is the double standard these LGBT communities shove down our throats.

Weren’t Celdran et al the same guys who cried “freedom of expression” at the Kulo exhibit at the CCP?