Friday, June 28, 2013

Reparational Prayer Request for Gay Pride Month

The month of June is celebrated worldwide as gay pride month. Our friend from Toronto, Canada is asking everyone to sign up for an hour of prayer in the Blessed Sacrament to pray for these intentions. Please visit the weblinks below for more information. Thank you.

Dear Courage Manila,

Greetings again in the Lord!

I'm writing to ask for your support for our campaign of reparational prayer during Toronto's Pride Week, now underway. Our city is in great spiritual need, and this year's festival is the dress rehearsal before it hosts World Pride 2014.

In this our second annual campaign, Charity, Clarity, Chastity invites people to sign up for an hour of prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, to pray for those three intentions.

Would you please be so kind as to share this link on your blog.

Participation from the Philippines would be most helpful in covering some of the slots in the schedule that are harder for Canadians to fill because for us they are in the middle of the night. And regrettably, much debauchery overnight can be expected this weekend. So too can much desolation be expected.

Of course we would be glad to reciprocate in prayer for you, as for example we did in connection with your country's "reproductive health" bill.

Thanks and God bless,


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sa Panahon ng Paghilom: Healing From Hurtful Relationships

Living Waters Philippines is inviting everyone to attend a full-day healing conference on August 24, 2013, Saturday.  This will be a great gathering of all Christian believers under the one cross of Christ who is our Divine Healer.  Main speaker will be Andrew Comiskey, founder of the healing ministry Living Waters and a recent convert to Catholicism. He will be coming all the way from Canada to conduct this conference.

"Sa Panahon ng Paghilom" is a full-day healing conference.  The conference will address the effects of our hurtful experiences and broken relationships in the way we look at ourselves and relate with others. It will show people how to access the hope and healing found in the love of God.

This gathering will also provide attendees with practical tools on how to effectively reach out and minister healing to their hurting loved ones.

Date:  24 August 2013, Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Venue:  Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall, Meralco Compound (Gate 2), Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Cost:  P500 (Metro Manila), P300 (Provincial)

Registration:  (02) 910-0777; 09272845037; 09162112864 (Look for Juliet or Vicky)


Keynote Speaker:  Andrew Comiskey

A sought-after speaker and prolific author, Andy Comiskey is the Founder of Living Waters Ministry and current Director of Desert Streams Ministries. Witnessing first-hand the healing power of Jesus in his sexual struggles and broken relationships, Andy points people to the healing found in the Cross of Jesus and equips others to do the same. His new book Naked Surrender: Coming Home To Our True Sexuality is soon to be released in the Philippines. Andy and his wife Annette live in Kansas City, Missouri.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Complaint Against GMA-7's My Husband's Lover

Bro. Rollie, our group leader in Courage Philippines, just recently filed a letter of complaint addressed to the MTRCB against the airing of GMA-7's latest 'telenovela' My Husband's Lover because of its strong pro-gay message. He has also been fighting it out on MHL FB page with Suzette Doctolero herself, but sadly he was being severely criticized in that FB group discussion because of his dissenting comments against the airing of MHL and for promoting the truth about same-sex attraction.

I've read that this 'bekiserye' is popular not only among the gay crowd but even with the non-gay crowd, which is quite an interesting phenomenon. There are so many things going for MHL. It is the first of its kind to be shown on Philippine TV which undoubtedly contributes much to its popularity. You've got top-rate actors and actresses portraying their respective roles excellently. Not to mention all the hype and publicity that the media has created for its leading characters Tom Rodriguez (Vincent) and Dennis Trillo (Eric), tagging them with the monicker TomDen, one of the country's "hottest loveteam" at the moment. And of course, Kuh's rendition of its theme song 'One More Try' really adds to all that drama as well.  That's showbusiness what do you expect?

On the flip side, there is really nothing much to expect from MHL. The story of a married man who falls in love with another man has been tackled over and over again in most gay indie films. The character of Vincent's father, who is a retired homophobic military general is so stereotypical. You can almost predict where all this will lead to - the rekindling of old flame, infidelity, suspicion, discovery of the affair, and the ensuing family conflict and drama. Who will Vincent choose in the end - his wife or his lover? Sounds familiar? You bet.


Dear MTRCB Board,

I am a concerned citizen, and I would like to write about my disturbed spirit over GMA7's television show "My Husband's Lover" being aired every night as part of their Telebabad series of soap operas.

I am concerned that this show is guided by the gay agenda that deems to desensitize our viewing public with the following ideas about homosexuality:

* Homosexuality is a gift of nature.

* Homosexual behavior cannot be controlled.

* Homosexuals are preoccupied seeking romantic sexual relationships with the same-sex.

* The Church is homophobic and propagate a culture of hate against homosexual persons.

* Homosexuals who are accepted for what they are AND for what they do live happy lives.

* Once a homosexual, always a homosexual.

I am a person with same-sex attractions, and I see these ideas as perversions of the truth about homosexuality, as I counter these lies with the following truths:

* A homosexual is a person with same-sex attractions.

* There is a difference between homosexual attraction and homosexual behavior.

* Homosexuality is not all of genetics but more of environment.

* Homosexuals have choices.

* Change is difficult but possible for the homosexual.

* There are groups available to help homosexuals who decide to change.

* God, through the Church, loves the homosexual person.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states that homosexuals “…must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”

- Cardinal Ratzinger’s (now Pope Benedict XVI) Letter to the Bishops On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons (1986)

I am concerned because I have been engaging in dialogue with the writers of this show on their facebook account, but it seems that they are adamant in presenting their own beliefs about family life and individual human rights (gay rights). With this, it is most likely that they will transmit their own beliefs and values through this show upon our innocently watching viewing public.

I have reminded them of their responsibility as media persons to inculcate authentic Filipino values to our public, but they just scoffed at me and attacked me personally.

I would like to ask your good office to put this show under strict monitoring, for though this show is rated Strict Parental Guidance, we are after the fair treatment of this show on such a sensitive topic such as homosexuality.

Homosexual persons should be treated with respect and compassion, but the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle (having sex with persons of the same sex) as a good thing is a disservice to the general viewing public. Please note that I have viewed the latest data from DOH (March 2013) on HIV cases and homosexual acts is listed as the number one factor of transmitting this disease. This fact along with my own (and others like me) personal journey out of homosexuality begs to disagree.

We owe it to our people to show programs that will lead them to a better understanding of reality, but still inculcating authentic Filipino values about family and marriage.

I hope that my request of strict monitoring of this show would be considered.

Thank you so much and God bless you!

Rolando C. delos Reyes II


Addendum:  To those who want to express their disgust with GMA7's My Husband's Lover which has the subtle message of promoting homosexuality among our young people - please sign the petition below:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We Are More Than Our Sexual Attractions

This short video contains a very important truth about what the Catholic Church teaches regarding homosexuality. I am fully aware that in our present culture this topic is a very divisive issue. Nevertheless, people struggling with same-sex attraction should never allow themselves to be 'defined' by their struggles. We are definitely MORE than our attractions, MUCH MORE!  Real freedom begins when we come to realize our true identity in God.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

S.A.F.E. Seminar


to a two-day SAFE seminar on

* Demography and the Overpopulation Hoax
* New Age Movement, a Christless Spirituality
* Values (Mis)education in Schools
* Pornography and Violence in Mass Media
* Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality
* Gospel of Life
* Family in God's Plan

SAFE is open to all sectors of society: family and life workers, education, youth, catechists, media, lawyers, businesses, health care, government, priests and religious, etc.

Every 3rd weekends (Sat 8 a.m. - Sun 5 p.m.) at St. Michael Retreat House, Antipolo
Tel. (02)  661-6312 or 661-6314-16*
Cel #:  0917-896-7202