Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lessons From a Conference

This is a short letter by a medical doctor who attended a conference conducted by the The Catholic Physicians Guild of the Philippines (CPGP). The theme of the conference was The Family: Seedbed of Love and Communication and one of the topics discussed was about homosexuality which was facilitated by Bro. Rollie.

Dear _____,

Thank you very much for inviting me to a very spiritual and morally uplifting event yesterday. Yesterday's discusion was very infomative, from the seriousness of Dra. Edna's topic on marriage, Mr. Rolando's topic on homosexuality, and Drs. William & Salve's What Children Need from Their Parents to the funny and entertaining lectures of Mr. Edgardo and Mr. Edwin on SAFE and Growing up with Dad.

Although I still don't have my own family, yesterday's conference taught me on things to watch out for in the future. Dra. Edna's lecture on marriage gave me insights on why marriages last and why they fail. And knowing the Three Principles in Marriage by heart would constantly remind us during times of despair in married life, why it is important to love each other more.

My eyes have been opened to issues I was not even aware of, especially the one on Homosexuality by Mr. Rolando. I found it very interesting that they have identified the stages of the development of persons with SSA (same-sex attraction) through 5 stages. The stand of the church on homosexuality was revealed to me yesterday and I found that very enlightening as well. Before that discussion, I didn't even know that there were homosexuals that strive to be chaste and even revert back to heterosexuality and even help other homosexuals as well.

I am truly honored to be part of such a wonderful event and I hope I can help in any way to support your cause.

Attached to this email is my essay on "How do you measure love?".

Once again I thank you very much for your goodness. May God bless you, Dra. Edna and your family and I also pray for the success of the Catholic Physician's Guild of the Philippines.

Yours truly,

Dominic N. Velasco MD


  1. It's good that your seminar helped enlighten this person who sent you this letter. I hope you get to touch more hearts in the future. (^-^)

  2. 5 Stages? I don't think I've seen those... hmmm. Anyone care to share?

  3. Hi Dominic!

    Thanks for your comment. I will ask Bro. Rollie regarding that 5 stages of homosexuality. God bless you.