Sunday, July 19, 2009

News & Commentaries

1. Benedict XVI Healing From Fractured Wrist [weblink]

2. Jesus, The Compassionate Shepherd of God [weblink]

3. Church Confident to Beat Family Planning Bill [weblink]

4. Anglicans Split Over Homosexuality [weblink]

5. Controversial Homosexual "Hate Crimes" Act Set for Senate Vote Thursday [weblink]

6. Letter to a Critic: Will You Respect and Defend OUR Freedom to Disagree? [weblink]

7. Prominent Homosexual Activists Terrorize Boston Church Sponsoring Ex-Gay Religious Event [weblink]

8. Abolishing Celibacy Would Not Lead to More Vocations, Says Argentinean Bishop [weblink]

9. Abortion Issue Clouds Health-Care Reform [weblink]

10. Global Health Conference Chooses Life [weblink]

Quote for the week:

"The most loving thing we can do for anyone caught in the grips of sexual sin is to help them bring their sin to the Cross of Jesus and there find forgiveness, redemption, healing and hope for a new beginning." - Rev. Mario Bergner

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