Sunday, July 26, 2009

News & Commentaries

1. Pope Prays for Dying Filipino Leader [weblink]

2. "It Is Never Enough, Until We Give It Away" - Biblical Reflections for 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time B [weblink]

3. Ethicist Hopes New Breakthrough Will Eliminate 'Need' to Destroy Human Embryos [weblink]

4. Media Almost Outnumber Protesters at Anti-Mormon 'Kiss-in' at San Diego Temple [weblink]

5. Role of Gay Men in Spreading Virus Is Ignored in Africa, Study Finds [weblink]

6. Commentary: Countering The Lies of Same-Sex Attractions [weblink]

7. Canada Court Rules Marriage Commissioners Must "Marry" Homosexuals [weblink]

8. Episcopal Bishop Rejects Homosexual Marriage, Ordination of Practicing Homosexuals [weblink]

9. Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Same-Sex 'Domestic Partner' Scheme [weblink]

10. Actress Uma Thurman to 'Become' a Nun [weblink]

Quote for the week:

"Lord, make me chaste but not yet." - St. Augustine

(Don't you love that quote? I do.)

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  1. the qoute seems difficult to interpret.. help.