Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly News Update (Third Week of February)

1. Pope’s Lenten Message 2010: The Justice of God Manifested through Faith in Jesus Christ

VATICAN CITY (VIS) - The 2010 Lenten Message of the Holy Father Benedict XVI has been made public. The text has as its title a passage from St. Paul's Letter to the Romans: "The justice of God has been manifested through faith in Jesus Christ". The full English-language translation of the document is given below: [Read More]

2. Pope Explains Why Humans Should Rejoice in Fragility

ROME, FEB. 18, 2010 ( Human beings are fragile creatures destined to return to the earth -- dust, yes, but dust that is loved and molded by the love of God, Benedict XVI says. [Read More]

3. Cardinal Hits ‘Narrow-Minded’ Response to AIDS

MANILA, Feb. 18, 2010— The head of Manila’s Catholic Church said condoms are not the answer to the country’s fight against HIV and describing as “narrow-minded” the government’s response to it. [Read More]

4. Tiger Woods Finally Speaks: 'I Am Deeply Sorry'

On the 84th day, Tiger Woods finally spoke. He let the world know that he is sorry for what happened, that he will continue to get help for his addiction and that he will not be playing golf anytime soon. [Read More]

5. Consequences of Proposed 'LGBT Law' for Military

A coalition of conservative pro-family and national defense organizations is calling on Congress to ask one question of those pushing for repeal of the ban on homosexual military service: How would doing so improve military readiness? [Read More]

6. How to Respond to Teachers Pushing Pro-Gay Curriculum: Family Group Advises Parents

February 19, 2010 ( - The B.C.-based pro-family group Parents for Democracy in Education (PDE) have released a set of answers that parents can provide to teachers who ignore their complaints about the spread of homosexualist “propaganda” through the curricula of Canada's schools. [Read More]

7. “Catholic” Politicians Who Support Gay “Marriage” are Not Catholic: Italian Cardinal

BOLOGNA, Italy, February 17, 2010 ( – An Italian Cardinal and member of the Roman Curia has issued a statement maintaining that politicians who support same-sex “marriage” are not Catholic, reports Catholic News Service. [Read More]

8. New Website to Examine Harms of Pornography ‘Pandemic’

CNA STAFF, Feb 19, 2010 / 04:43 am (CNA).- A new website called Pornography Harms has been launched to provide access to credible, peer-reviewed research documenting the ill effects of pornography. The site was created by Patrick Trueman, a former chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section. [Read More]

9. Children with Same-Sex Parents Prone to Suicide, Study Reveals

Mexico City, Mexico, Feb 19, 2010 / 01:57 am (CNA).- A study presented at the symposium in Mexico, “Homosexual Adoption: What Science Has Discovered,” revealed that most children adopted by same-sex couples display “greater levels of stress,” and suffer from “suicidal tendencies and attempts.” [Read More]

10. Video Debunks Overpopulation "Myth" with Simple Math [Read More]


"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew." - St. Francis de Sales

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