Thursday, March 25, 2010

Father, I Forgive You

If you have father wounds, you can relate to this video. Take a moment to watch this clip and ask yourself if you are now ready and willing to forgive. Maybe now is the perfect time to let go...


  1. To forgive is indeed a liberating act but a tremendously difficult one. I remember in my own journey towards chastity 15 years ago, I had to confront the wounds of my past which I already obliterated in my mind because of the extreme emotional pain. I continously and faithfully embraced the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, faithfully attending Mass as often as I could, and over some period of time,the Holy Spirit gifted me with an inner strength to face the specific wounds that pained me, thus began the process of forgiveness. I would not have the strength to face my pain and forgive my parents, let alone struggled for my chastity for these many years without the graces from these Sacraments which I faithfully embraced. Although I struggled alone, I took the opportunity to serve my parish church where I found the fulfillment where even my successful career was not able to completely satisfy.

  2. Hi Edgar,

    Thank you for dropping by to comment and share your story.

    I also have a share of woundings from both of my parents, but more so from my dad. Like the man in the video clip, there was a time in my life where I did not feel my dad's loving presence that I used to get when I was a toddler. This was probably perhaps during my school years. Growing up I felt so different and alienated from my father. There are so many things I do not like about him until now and this has contributed to most of the hurt and pain I experienced struggling to find my identity and worth in the outside world.

    The sacraments are of great help in my healing journey too. We at Courage have what we call Sacrament Sunday once a month. It's a great blessing for me personally because we also have a kind spiritual director who understands our struggle with SSA (same sex attraction). I also commend you for going outside of your personal struggle to reach out and serve your community.

    I'm not quite sure if you also struggle with SSA, but just in case you are not part of any support group for persons with SSA, you are welcome to journey us in our community. There is a contact number on the sidebar of this blog and you can text Bro. Rollie to set an initial one-on-one talk. With the kind of culture we have today, I find it difficult to journey alone that is why I joined Courage.

    If you struggle with chastity issues with the opposite sex, I suggest you find a community that addresses this issue. You are in the right track my friend and God bless you in your journey.