Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly News (First Week of March)

1. Father Cantalamessa: Why Christianity Is Like No Other

Explains What Makes Grace Hard to Accept

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 5, 2010 ( Human religions or philosophies tell a person what he must do to be saved. Christianity is different because it tells a person what God has already done to save him. [Read More]

2. Church Wants Condom Ads Banned

MANILA, March 3, 2010— The Catholic hierarchy refused to soften its stand on artificial contraception and called for a complete ban on condom ads. [Read More]

3. Acosta Dares Cabral on Public Debate Re Condoms

MANILA, March 5, 2010—The Executive Director of the Human Life International-Pro Life Missionary has challenged the secretary of the Department of Health (DoH) to a public debate on the issue of condom use. [Read More]

4. D.C. Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Law Forces Catholic Charities to End New Spousal Benefits

Washington D.C., Mar 3, 2010 / 12:44 am (CNA).- Rather than cancel its partnerships with the District of Columbia, Catholic Charities of Washington, D.C. has announced that it will end health coverage for new employees’ spouses in order to comply with the requirements of a new same-sex “marriage” law. [Read More]

5. Call Center Party-List Sets up HIV Hotline

MANILA, Philippines—The party-list group representing the BPO (business processing outsourcing) and call center industry has launched an HIV hotline following the disclosure by a former call center agent that he became HIV-positive in 2009. [Read More]

6. Don't Ask, Don't Bleed [Read More]

7. Ex-’Gay’ Testimony: ‘Bisexual’ Man Overcomes Homosexual Desires with God’s Help

The following is an anonymous testimony of ‘Tim,’ who became involved in homosexual (bisexual) behavior but then left it behind through a renewed and strengthened commitment to his Maker. [Read More]

8. 'Catholic' King of Spain Signs Abortion Bill into Law

SPAIN, March 5, 2010 ( - The King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, has signed a bill into law legalizing abortion on demand for the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy. [Read More]

9. Study: Cohabitation Linked to Exponential Increase in Relationship Failure Risk

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, March 4, 2010 ( - Another new study has added to the compelling evidence that cohabitation before marriage significantly increases relationship instability. [Read More]

10. Law Banning Promotion of Homosexuality Takes Effect in Lithuania

VILNIUS, Lithuania, March 2, 2010 ( – A new law banning the media and schools from promoting harmful sexual behaviors, as well as violence and suicide, to the youth took effect in Lithuania on Monday. The law also restricts the ability of homosexuals to promote same-sex unions and organize “gay pride” marches in the Baltic nation. [Read More]


"All our religion is but a false religion, and all our virtues are mere illusions and we ourselves are only hypocrites in the sight of God, if we have not that universal charity for everyone - for the good, and for the bad, for the poor and for the rich, and for all those who do us harm as much as those who do us good." - St. John Marie Vianney

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