Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly News (Second Week of May)

1. Pope Encourages Interior Watchfulness

Recalls Example of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta Marto

FATIMA, Portugal, MAY 13, 2010 ( Benedict XVI is encouraging the faithful to cultivate an interior watchfulness so as to see God with the "eyes of the heart." [Read More]

2. Vatican: Pope Can’t Make It to UST’s Quadricentennial Anniversary

MANILA, May 13, 2010—The Supreme Pontiff is not attending the 400th
founding anniversary of the Philippines' only Pontifical and Royal University. [Read More]

3. Rosales to New Leaders: Address Corruption

MANILA, May 13, 2010— The head of the Manila’s Roman Catholic Church is asking the country's next president to address issues of “corruption” that worsened under the Arroyo administration. [Read More]

4. Pro-Obama Catholic Group Urges Cardinal O’Malley to Support Same-Sex Couple

Washington D.C., May 13, 2010 / 07:06 pm (CNA).- The pro-Obama group, “Catholics United,” has launched a campaign putting pressure on Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley to allow the enrollment of a lesbian couple's adopted child in one of Boston's Catholic schools. [Read More]

5. Church of England Moves Towards Ordaining Women

London, England, May 11, 2010 / 03:08 am (CNA).- Over the weekend, the Church of England introduced draft legislation putting the country's Anglican communion on the fast track to allowing women's ordination. [Read More]

6. Ex-Gay Greg Quinlan of PFOX Challenges Pro-Gay PepsiCo Execs on Lack of Diversity [Read More]

7. Pope Declares Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Most 'Insidious and Dangerous' Threats Facing the World

Pope Decries Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage at Fatima

Fatima - Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday called abortion and same-sex marriage some of the most "insidious and dangerous" threats facing the world today, asserting key church teachings as he tried to move beyond the clerical abuse scandal. [Read More]

8. Laura Bush: It's Good that Gay Marriage is Coming

LOS ANGELES, California, May 13, 2010 ( -- In an interview on Larry King Live this Tuesday, former first lady Laura Bush said that she disagreed with her husband regarding the legality of both gay "marriage" and abortion. [Read More]

9. Aging Sex Icon Raquel Welch: Contraceptives Shattered Marriage, the 'Cornerstone of Civilization'

May 12, 2010 ( - Once hailed as the female sex symbol Playboy deemed the "Most Desired Woman" of the 1970s, actress Raquel Welch has now taken a more critical look at the contraceptive revolution during which she shot to stardom. In a recent column for CNN, Welch rejoices in the experience of pregnancy, and laments the havoc that the free-sex ethos has wreaked on marriage and family life. [Read More]

10. Internet Pornography: Practical Means of Avoiding the Near Occasion of This Sin [Full Article]


"There are things we fail to remember, not because we have short memories but because we are short of love. The person in love does not forget!" - St. Teresa of Avila

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