Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly News (First Week of May)

1. Benedict XVI Praises the Value of Music

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 30, 2010 ( Benedict XVI says that music is a valuable tool in the educational process, particularly as the present situation of society requires a renewed commitment to youth. [Read More]

2. Aquino Ranks Low in CBCP Survey; De los Reyes on Top

MANILA, April 30, 2010— Liberal Party candidate Benigno Aquino III may be leading the surveys but he is way far on key issues on which the influential Catholic hierarchy has spoken. [Read More]

3. National Institutes of Health Approves More Embryonic Stem Cell Lines for Funding

Washington D.C., Apr 30, 2010 / 06:35 am (CNA).- The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that 13 additional human embryonic stem cell lines have been approved for federal funding and added to its Stem Cell Registry. [Read More]

4. Can a Faithful Christian Practice Yarhouse’s and Throckmorton’s ‘Sexual Identity Therapy’? [Full Story]

5. Illinois Lawmaker's Engagement Spotlights Same-Sex Marriage

Springfield, Ill. (AP) - Illinois lawmaker Deborah Mell is sharing some bittersweet news with her colleagues. [Read More]

6. Newark Archbishop Rips Seton Hall Same-Sex 'Marriage' Course

NEWARK, New Jersey, April 30, 2010 ( - In a statement released Friday, Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark slammed a proposed course on same-sex "marriage" to be offered at Seton Hall University by a homosexualist professor. [Read More]

7. Military Chaplains Urge Obama to Maintain Ban on Open Homosexuals in Military

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 28, 2010 ( - Over 40 retired military chaplains are urging President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates to consider the impairment of religious liberty that would likely result from imposing a "non-discrimination" policy regarding open homosexuals in the military. [Read More]

8. Ontario Wises-Up, Shelves Sex-Ed Content

Amidst opposition from parents and pro-family groups in Ontario, the premier of that Canadian province has decided not to introduce a new explicit sex-education program that was scheduled to begin this fall. [Read More]

9. Telling the Truth in Love

Celebrating 5 Years of Pope Benedict XVI

This pontificate can best be summed up by Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth). [Read More]

10. Inconvenient Truth About Abortion

For everyone who upholds the dignity of the human life, please visit this site: and support the movie entitled Blood Money

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