Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly News (Third Week of November)

1. Benedict XVI to Visit Germany in 2011

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 19, 2010 ( Benedict XVI will visit his native Germany in 2011, which will be the third time he will have visited his homeland since the beginning of his pontificate in 2005. [Read More]

2. Catholic Laity Holds Prayer Vigil vs RH Bill

MANILA, Nov. 19, 2010—Various lay groups are set to gather for a prayer and reflection service at the Manila Cathedral on November 20 to show their opposition on the reproductive health bill. [Read More]

3. Isolation From Church Leads More to Occult Practice than Harry Potter, Bishop Says

Baltimore, Md., Nov 19, 2010 / 01:36 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Americans around the country will be flocking to see the latest Harry Potter movie this weekend, and some Catholics maintain that the series exposes children to evil influences. But Bishop Thomas Paprocki said in a recent interview that the root cause of dabbling in the occult comes from being isolated from the faith. [Read More]

4. SC Baptists Encourage Preaching Against Homosexuality

COLUMBIA, SC - South Carolina's Southern Baptists have approved a resolution encouraging pastors to preach against homosexuality but also urging Christians to show compassion to those who are homosexual. [Read More]

5. GA Pastor Swilley ‘Christianizing’ Sin

A Georgia mega-church pastor has come out of the closet as a homosexual, but the head of a group dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda thinks the “bishop” is compromising God’s Word. [Read More]

6. Obama Administration Finalizes New Rules on ‘Equal Visitation Rights’ for Same-Sex Partners of Hospital Patients

( - In another bow to the homosexual community, the Obama administration on Wednesday issued news rules for hospitals that participate in Medicare and Medicaid: Patients must be allowed to say who may visit them, and that includes same-sex partners. [Read More]

7. Pope: Heath Care Access a Right, Not Abortion or Euthanasia

In a message at a health care conference read for the Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church leader said access to health care is a right but not abortion, euthanasia or other practices destroying human life. [Read More]

8. Ontario Urges Acceptance of Kindergartners’ ‘Sexual Orientation,’ ‘Gender Identity’

Pro-family activist Dawn Stefanowicz, who was raised by a homosexual father amidst the gay sub-culture, warned that pushing gender identity theory on kindergarten-age kids will seriously damage them. [Read More]

9. Aggressive Homosexual Ideology Silencing Christians: Senior Cardinal

ROME, November 18, 2010 ( – An “aggressive ideology,” a behavioral theory of “complete debauchery,” is loose in the world, and appears to be winning against the traditional Christian culture of the west, said Cardinal Giacomo Biffi. [Read More]

10. The Military Chaplain Crisis

Chaplains are part of the solution to suicide, Catholics leaving the Church, and even the vocation crisis. But where are they, and do the bishops really hold the key to the solution? [Read More]

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