Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekly News (Fourth Week of November)

1. Praise Pouring in for "Light of the World"

ROME, NOV. 25, 2010 ( Aside from the media cacophony surrounding just one short, though important, passage in the book, plaudits have been coming in thick and fast for "Light in the World," Peter Seewald's landmark series of interviews with Benedict XVI. [Read More]

2. Seewald's Take: Benedict XVI Misunderstood by Many

ROME, NOV. 23, 2010 ( The author of the new book-interview with Benedict XVI showed visible disappointment that the text has been reduced by the media to a misrepresentation of a few statements on condoms. [Read More]

3. Church to Fight RH Bill to The End – Prelate

MANILA, Nov. 26, 2010—The Catholic Church will continue to fight against the passage of the reproductive health bill to the end, a prelate said. [Read More]

4. Pacquiao Catholic Bishops' New ‘Champ’ vs Condoms

To the world, he is a boxing champ but Sarangani Rep. Emmanuel “Manny" Pacquiao has become a new champion of sorts for Catholic bishops as well. [Read More]

5. Anti-AIDS Groups Hail Drug But Worry About Cost

San Francisco (AP) - AIDS prevention advocates are hailing a pill newly shown to protect against HIV as a great tool for disease prevention. [Read More]

6. Should Gay TSA Agents Be Barred from Giving ‘Same-Gender Pat-Downs’?

CHICAGO – Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) today questioned the propriety of “same-gender” TSA (Transportation Security Administration) “pat-downs” – if the TSA agents doing the “patting down” are homosexual, lesbian or bisexual. [Read More]

7. Mexican State Government Investigated for ‘Endorsing’ Ex-Gay Conference

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, November 26, 2010 ( - The government of the Mexican state of Jalisco is under “investigation” by the state human rights commission for alleged sponsorship of a conference that included Richard Cohen, an ex-homosexual and therapist who treats homosexuals for unwanted same-sex attraction, according to the Mexican newspaper El Universal. [Read More]

8. Pope on Homosexuality Among Priests: “One of The Miseries of The Church”

VATICAN, November 24, 2010 ( – Even if homosexuality were innate, it would not make the behavior morally acceptable, Pope Benedict told interviewer Peter Seewald in the new interview book “Light of the World.” [Read More]

9. What the Church Teaches About Cremation

WASHINGTON (CNS) — While cremation is not prohibited unless it is chosen for reasons “contrary to Christian teaching,” the Catholic Church prefers that the body of a deceased person be buried in accord with Church custom, according to statements issued by two U.S. archdioceses. [Read More]

10. Giving Thanks Has Life-Changing Impact, Priest and Psychologist Says

Denver, Colo., Nov 26, 2010 / 07:05 am (CNA).- Fr. Charles Shelton –a Jesuit priest, psychologist, and the author of a new book on gratitude– says that the choice to live gratefully can help to improve virtually every aspect of a person's life. [Read More]

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