Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly News (Third Week of December)

1. Evangelization Needs Sense of Sacred, Says Preacher

Father Cantalamessa Gives Advent Sermon to Pope and Curia

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 17, 2010 ( The re-evangelization of the secularized world requires a recovery of the sense of the sacred, says the preacher of the Pontifical Household. [Read More]

2. CBCP, Palace to Launch Info Drive on Family Planning

MANILA, Dec. 15, 2010—A joint information campaign on family planning is set to be carried out by the Catholic hierarchy and the Aquino administration. [Read More]

3. House Votes To Repeal Ban on Open Homosexuals in Military

WASHINGTON - Despite warnings from military leaders and from pro-family and conservative groups, the U.S. House voted Wednesday to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that for 17 years has banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military. [Read More]

4. US Senator: Gay Ban Tied to Russia Treaty

WASHINGTON—The White House's Democratic allies in the US Senate should drop plans to repeal a military ban on gays serving openly or risk the fate of a nuclear pact with Russia, a Republican senator said Friday. [Read More]

5. Gay Support Groups in Public Schools Aren’t The Best Solution

It’s hard to imagine the confusion of a teenager who is convinced that he’s gay. More unimaginable is the pain he must experience if he’s bullied for having effeminate characteristics. [Read More]

6. Planned Parenthood Gets $363M in Tax Money, Abortions Rise

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America finally released its 2008-2009 Annual report detailing its financial figures. The report shows it received more government funding, which has translated into more abortions. [Read More]

7. Adult Stem Cells Cure Man with HIV, Claim Scientists

December 15, 2010 ( - A team of researchers has claimed that a German patient has been cured of both HIV and leukemia after receiving a bone marrow transplant that included stem cells from an HIV-resistant donor. [Read More]

8. Angelina, Bill and Avril’s Misguided Giving

What do Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates and Avril Lavigne have in common?

Answer: They’re all extremely wealthy individuals who have poured their riches into funding anti-life and anti-family organizations. [Read More]

9. Shadowing an Exorcist

A movie starring Anthony Hopkins explores exorcism. The man who wrote the book behind the film talks about what chasing the devil really entails. [Read More]

10. Filipino Figures Included in Vatican Nativity Scene

ROME, Dec. 17, 2010—The traditional nativity scene that will be put up at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican will feature a set of nine Filipino figures that will complement the traditional figures of the Holy Family. [Read More]

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