Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interview with Tony Litster of CureTheCraving.com

Hello friends!

Check out Tony Litster's profile here and then click the link midpage to hear his hour-long interview.

Listen and then grab a copy of his FREE 7 CD Series that discuss some of the cultural constructs that are leading large numbers within the Christian faith as well as other communities to turn to porn and why so many will never break free.

Porn isn't the problem, says Tony, it's that we're out of balance and aren't giving proper attention to our spirit, body, mind & haven't learned simple, yet powerful ways to manage stress in our lives.

My friend "JR" has personally been following Tony's program for a month now and already he has had a huge shift in his thinking and his actual ability to face temptations in constructive ways which has led to some of his longest "porn-free" stretches in at least a year.

Never miss this one and many thanks to my friend "JR" for sending me this link. As promised I am posting it here on our blog. Keep sending those interviews.

You can also visit JR's website at www.freedomfrompornaddiction.com.


We just had our annual Christmas party last Saturday at a brother's house in QC. I enjoyed the food, the company, the old and new faces, and the friendship we shared for the past year. I hope to see you all next year!

In the meantime I am still reading the book Turning Controversy Into Church Ministry - A Christlike Response to Homosexuality by W.P. Campbell. I highly endorse this book to church leaders, ministers, and pastors who are at a loss on how to deal with people struggling with same-sex attraction in their congregation. I will be posting my review here after I read the book.

This coming Sunday, Dec. 19, our community along with other SSA support groups will have a book launching of Homosexuality & The Catholic Church by Fr. John Harvey, founding director of Courage International. There will be a Eucharistic celebration to be presided by Fr. Dave Clay and Fr. Dan Healy, our spiritual directors. I am still looking into the possibility of selling this book through our blog and the proceeds will help fund the various activities of Courage Philippines. It is our desire that every bishop and priest in this country will have a copy of this book.

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