Thursday, February 10, 2011

Courage Philippines Blog Turns Two

The Courage Philippines blog turns two today. It has been two years of inspiration in proclaiming the truths about SSA and I'm very thankful for that. Our blog has now reached a page rank level of 4 out of 10. Page rank is a tool used by Google to gauge a website's relevance and popularity. Not bad huh considering that I am not actively promoting this blog on the internet. People simply find us through the major search engines by typing some keywords on all sorts of topics, but of course you cannot sustain a constant flow of traffic without adding fresh and relevant contents on the blog.

Let's take a look at the stats. As of this posting, the blog has gathered a total of 13,128 visitors. The top five visitor countries are Philippines, US, Indonesia, Canada, & Great Britain with a total of 20,595 page views. What can I say but thank you. I am looking forward to double the stats in the coming year.

Looking beyond the stats I think the most important aspect of the blog is its mission to defend and proclaim the truth. The issue of homosexuality is one topic that is full of confusion and lies. People tend to accept and believe without reasonable thinking what the media feed their minds. Many people struggling with SSA (same-sex attraction) fully accept the idea that they were born gay even if there was no conclusive evidence of a gay gene. They make the struggle their core identity on which they base all their thinking patterns and behaviors instead of realizing that we are NOT our struggles and that our true identity as a person regardless of what our struggles are rests in the fact that we are the beloved children of God created in His very image and likeness.

But I'm not left without some consolation. A few people who have read this blog are now members of our Courage community and I thank God for using this blog as His instrument. This only means that I'm doing something right and it is my hope that through my small contribution in maintaining this blog and by God's grace many more persons with SSA will come to know the truth. In connection with this I am now formally accepting contributors to this blog and this is on a purely voluntary basis of course. You can send your entries to and I will personally acknowledge every article received through a reply e-mail. I also invite our casual blog readers to send in their stories and letters.

Looking forward to another fruitful year. To God always be the glory.

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  1. Congratulations on your 2nd year in the internet. It's just a sign of being firm on your stand and purpose. Long Live.