Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly News (Second Week of Feb 2011)

1. Pope Urges Entire Church to Promote Vocations

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 10, 2011 ( Benedict XVI is underlining the necessity for every member of the Church to promote religious vocations. [Read More]

2. Interfaith Group to Stage RH Bill Protest

MANILA, Feb. 9, 2011—Various faith-based organizations opposing the passage of the reproductive health (RH) bill are planning to conduct a rally in Manila on Sunday. [Read More]

3. 100,000 Expected to March For Life In Philippines This Weekend

MANILA, Philippines, Feb. 11, 2011 ( - On Sunday, February 13, an anticipated 100,000 pro-life activists will march through Manila in opposition to a so-called “Responsible Parenthood” bill that has been repackaged to appeal to the pro-life majority of Filipinos. [Read More]

4. 'Gender Identity' Triumphs in Kansas

A long, drawn-out debate over a homosexual discrimination ordinance in a Kansas college town has culminated with a victory for "gender identity." [Read More]

5. Use HRC Buyers Guide to See which Pro-Homosexual Companies to Avoid [Read More]

5. One Third of German-Speaking Theologians Call For Recognition of Same-Sex Partnerships

ROME, February 11, 2011 ( – One hundred and forty-four German-speaking Catholic theologians around Europe have called for changes in the Catholic Church, including female and non-celibate priests, acceptance of homosexuality and contraception. While the “progressive” wing of anti-Catholic dissidents have been calling for these changes for at least four decades, this time they say that it is all part of an effort to protect children from clerical sex abuse. [Read More]

6. Abortion Has No Mental-Health Impact?

Pro-lifers immediately pointed out the flaws in this Danish study. Even a ‘pro-choice atheist’ finds it questionable. [Read More]

7. Chicago Pro-Life Project Helps Women Halt Second Trimester Abortions

Chicago, Ill., Feb 11, 2011 / 08:45 am (CNA/EWTN News).- With the help of two pro-life groups in the area, a Catholic hospital in Illinois has become one of the first in the U.S. to assist women who've changed their minds and want to stop the process of a second trimester abortion, which can often take several days. [Read More]

8. Lady Gaga Was Born This Way, But Does She Know How?

Lady Gaga fans everywhere have marked their calendars for the release of the first single off the artist’s new album, Born This Way. The single, which bears the same name as the album, is a celebration of each person’s individual identity. However, we did not receive our unique personalities and characteristics at birth. [Read More]

9. Benedict 'Gets' Facebook

A Register editorial explores how the communications revolution has made our style of evangelization like that of the first Christians. [Read More]

10. Who Needs Marriage?

February 11, 2011 ( - That was the title of a recent Time magazine cover story about how the institution of marriage has changed in recent decades. [Read More]

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